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John Schott Profile
James Woodward Strong Professor of the Liberal Arts
Off Campus: Spring 2015

John Schott teaches Digital Photography, Site-Specific Media, Graphic Design, Audio Drama, Avant-Garde Film and Culture in the 1950s, and Visual Studies Seminar.  His photographs are included in New Topographics, an exhibition and catalog honoring the work of eight photographers of historical importance.  On the local front, John recently produced The Building Remembers, an exhibition and catalog featuring photographs of the Northfield Middle School before it was transformed into the Weitz Center for Creativity at Carleton. Every other spring term he leads a popular off-campus studies program exploring New Media practice and theory in Europe or Asia. 

Curriculum Vita

Carol Donelan Profile
Chair of Cinema and Media Studies
Professor of Cinema and Media Studies

Carol Donelan teaches Introduction to Cinema & Media Studies, Film Genres, Film History I, Film History II, Film Noir and Cinema Studies Seminar.  She has co-curated an exhibition on Modernizing Melodrama in the Carleton Art Gallery and written a book that connects local history with national trends in film distribution and exhibition, Electric Theater: The Emergence of Cinema in Northfield, 1896-1917.  Currently she is researching the history of the Audubon Screen Tours 1943-1958 and contemplating the strange and surprisingly complex patterns of meaning-making in popular Hollywood genre films.

Jay Beck Profile
Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies

Jay Beck teaches Film History III, Contemporary Global Cinemas, American Cinema of the 1970s, American Film Comedy, Spanish Cinema, Rock ‘n’ Roll in Cinema, Film Sound Studies, and Sound Design. His research includes work on film sound, interdisciplinary sound studies, popular music studies, American cinema, Spanish cinema, genre studies, the Western, film technology, and radio studies. He has co-edited two book collections, Lowering the Boom: Critical Studies in Film Sound (with Tony Grajeda) and Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Genre (with Vicente Rodríguez Ortega).  His current book project focuses on changes in film sound practices in the 1960s and 70s.

Laska Jimsen Profile
Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
Off Campus: Spring 2015

Laska Jimsen teaches Digital Foundations, Nonfiction, Fiction, Animation and Advanced Production Workshop.  She works across nonfiction forms from video documentary to artisanal 16mm filmmaking and animation. The people, landscapes, plants, and animals that populate her work include delicate specimens of the genus Dahlia, the horses and riders who inhabit an urban Philadelphia stable, silent bow hunters hidden in a snowy Minnesota arboretum, and an Oregon pioneer who plays the trombone when not trapping coyotes. Laska was recently invited to premiere her film Beaver Creek Yard at the Ann Arbor Film Festival and she is currently working on a video essay about deer and hunting in North America.

Paul Hager Profile
Instructor in Cinema and Media Studies

Paul Hager teaches Digital Foundations and Television Studio Production while directing, managing and producing programming for Northfield's community television station (NTV channel 12).  He was formerly mayor of Northfield.

Cecilia Cornejo Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies

Cecilia Cornejo teaches Digital Foundations. Through the use of written and visual poetry combined with documentary techniques, Cecilia creates works of nonfiction that bring a personal dimension to the documentary tradition. Her work is distributed by Women Make Movies, has shown widely throughout Europe and the Americas, and was part of MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight. Her latest film Song of the Apprentice was screened at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Film Festival in 2013.  Aside from her artistic practice, Cecilia is co-founder of The Nineteenth Step, a collective of artists, teachers, and curators who used cinema as a tool to foster a deeper understanding of Latin American culture.

Michael Elyanow Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
Michael Elyanow teaches courses in Screenwriting and Writing for Television. He has written a half dozen television pilots and over a dozen screenplays, winning him awards and nominations from the NY Television Festival, Disney, the Nicolls Fellowship, and the Austin Film Festival. Several of his scripts and pilots have been commissioned, developed or optioned by production companies. Michael also writes for theater and his play The Children recently won the GLAAD award for Outstanding Los Angeles Theater.
Rini Keagy Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
Rini Yun Keagy teaches Digital Foundations, Nonfiction, Fiction, Advanced Editing and Advanced Production Workshop. Her short film Yellow has screened in festivals in the United States and Europe and was curated for the film and video art international cable TV station Souvenirs from Earth, broadcast in France and Germany. Ring of Fire, a short hand-painted animation, screened at the Philadelphia and Siouxland film festivals. In addition to filmmaking, Rini has worked in diverse practices such as cartography, photography and painting.


Paul Bernhardt Profile
Audio and Visual Technical Director
Marla Erickson
Administrative Assistant in Cinema and Media Studies
Administrative Assistant, Theater and Dance
Griffin Johnson ’14 Profile
Educational Associate for Cinema and Media Studies
Will Gray ’14 Profile
CAMS Off-Campus Study Program Assistant
Elizabeth Schott
CAMS Off-Campus Study Program Assistant

Other Faculty Involved in Cinema and Media Studies

Barbara Allen Profile
Ada M. Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Social Sciences
Professor of Political Science

POSC 203. Political Communication: Election Campaign Advertising and Public Opinion

POSC 204. Media and American Politics: Special Election Edition

POSC 220. Politics and Political History in Film

POSC 303. Political Communication: Election Campaign Advertising and Public Opinion

Roger Bechtel Profile
Professor of Theater
Off Campus: Spring 2016

THEA 320. Live Performance and Digital Media

Jorge Brioso Profile
Associate Professor of Spanish
Chair of Spanish

SPAN 250. Spanish Cinema

Scott Carpenter Profile
Professor of French
Director of Cross Cultural Studies

LCST 245. Introduction to Critical Methods: Structure, Gender, Culture

Arnab Chakladar Profile
Associate Professor of English
Coordinator of South Asian Studies
Off Campus: Winter 2016

ENGL 245. Bollywood Nation

Adriana Estill Profile
Associate Professor of English and American Studies

AMST 226. Latinas in Hollywood

Ross Elfline Profile
Assistant Professor of Art History

ARTH 240: Art Since 1945

ARTS 286. Legacies of the Avant-Garde

Pierre Hecker Profile
Associate Professor of English

ENGL 100. Shakespeare on Film

Diane Nemec Ignashev Profile
Class of 1941 Professor of Russian and the Liberal Arts
Off Campus: Spring 2015

CAMS 232. Cinema Directors: Tarkovsky

CAMS 234. Cinema Directors: Sokurov

CAMS 237. Cinemas & Contexts: Russian Film

CAMS 239: Cinemas & Contexts: East European Film

Sarah Jansen Profile
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

PHIL 229. Philosophy of Film and Emotion

Susan Jaret McKinstry Profile
Helen F. Lewis Professor of English
Off Campus: Spring 2015

ENGL 362. Narrative Theory

Baird Jarman Profile
Associate Professor of Art History
Chair of Art & Art History

ARTH 171. History of Photography

Cherif Keita Profile
Professor of French
Off Campus: Spring 2015

FREN 250. Film and Society in Mali

Michael Kowalewski Profile
Lloyd McBride Professor of English and Environmental Studies
Off Campus: Spring 2015

ENGL 247. The American West

ENGL 248. Visions of California

Linda Rossi Profile
Professor of Art
Off Campus: Spring 2015

ARTS 140. The Digital Landscape

ARTS 141. Experimental Photography

ARTS 238. Photography I

ARTS 240. Intro to Film and Digital Photo

ARTS 339. Advanced Photo: Digital Imaging

ARTS 340. Advanced Film and Digital Photo

Ronald Rodman Profile
Dye Family Professor of Music and Director of the Carleton Symphony Band
Off Campus: Winter 2016 through Spring 2016

MUSC 115. Music and Film

CAMS 242. Sound and Music in New Media

Dana Strand Profile
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of French and the Humanities

CAMS 233. The French Cinema

Noboru Tomonari Profile
Associate Professor of Japanese
Off Campus: Spring 2016

JAPN 231. Japanese Cinema

Kofi Owusu Profile
Professor of English

ENGL 243. Text and Film