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New Students Guide

Cinema & Media Studies (CAMS)

Chair: Professor Carol Donelan

Cinema & Media Studies at Carleton is devoted to the interdisciplinary study and production of moving images and sound. The curriculum features a wide range of course offerings in film studies, visual studies, sound studies, digital video and audio production.

Can I major in it?  Yes, indeed, you can major in CAMS at Carleton.

Topics explored: Hollywood, independent and global cinema, film genres, film directors, film sound studies, fiction and nonfiction video production, animation, audio recording and production, site-specific and installation media, digital art, visual culture, screenwriting, writing for television, television studio production.

How to get started: Recommended courses for first-year students are CAMS 110: Introduction to Cinema & Media Studies (a film analysis course) and CAMS 111: Digital Foundations (an introduction to digital video production course). These courses are offered multiple times each year. First-year students are also welcome to enroll in CAMS 186: Film Genres, CAMS 188: Rock 'n' Roll in Cinema, and the film history sequence, taking any of these courses in any order: CAMS 210: Film History I, CAMS 211: Film History II, and CAMS 213: Film History III.