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Our Program

Cinema & Media Studies (CAMS) is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of moving images, still images and sound. The curriculum emphasizes critical studies in film and visual images in addition to sound studies and digital video and audio production.  Courses range from global and Hollywood film studies to fiction and nonfiction filmmaking, animation, digital photography, graphic design, site-specific and mobile media, writing for film and television, television studio production and audio recording.

Five faculty members with specializations in cinema, visual and sound studies or digital media production anchor the curriculum.  Additionally, a number of extra-departmental faculty offer film and media courses from within their disciplines, such as "Music and Media" or "Media and Politics."

Students pursuing a CAMS major work with faculty members to devise an optimum program of study integrating creative and collaborative thinking, critical analysis, primary research and media production.  State-of-the-art video and production studios and labs provide ready access to the same production tools used by professionals, including HD digital cameras, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite.  The CAMS Production Office is an active center for majors, where equipment is accessed and crews are recruited. Students regularly present their films to audiences on the big screen in a 250-seat cinema.

Formal study in CAMS is supplemented by a rich array of media-oriented activities and opportunities, including a regular off-campus study program exploring New Media in Europe and Asia, film screenings sponsored by the College Film Society and the Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO), an International Film Forum and a variety of festivals and exhibitions for showcasing student work. 

We encourage you to browse this site, visit us in the Weitz Center for Creativity, or contact a faculty member if you have questions. Come study with us!


CAMS Rocks the Weitz