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Buddhist monks with umbrellas

The Cross-Cultural Studies concentration brings together international students and students from the U.S. who have cross-cultural experience to address and explore regional and global issues in team-taught, interdisciplinary seminars in a comparative framework.

It is designed to help students who are studying a particular area of the world or a discipline with an international focus (e.g., majors in area studies, languages, history, economics, political science, literature, anthropology, religion, etc.) to place that area or discipline in a broader, cross-cultural context by seeing how it participates in and is influenced by trans-national, sometimes global dynamics and problems.

Clifford Clark, Director
Leighton 206, x4208

Nikki Lamberty, Administrative Assistant
Leighton 210, x4217

  • Faculty and Staff

    Contact and biographical information for the faculty and staff of the Cross-Cultural Studies program
  • Concentration Overview

    General description of the Cross Cultural studies concentration.
  • Courses

    CSST course descriptions, listed by number and by term