PIL (Python Imaging Library) for Python 2.x

PIL (aka the Python Imaging Library) is used in many of the Carleton College Intro CS courses. NOTE:  PIL is NOT available for Python 3.  This page contains installation instructions for Python 2.x:

WINDOWS XP and Vista and 7:

MAC 10.6.2:


  • Download the installer: https://www.enthought.com/downloads/canopy/osx-32/free/
  • Run the installer and follow the instructions
  • Run Canopy once
  • Your python shell should now be using Enthought's version of python. This will contain PIL

If you want to investigate other options talk to Mike Tie, or look at MacPorts


If you have any questions about installing PIL for Windows, Mac, or any other operating system, please contact Michael Tie (mtie@carleton.edu x4067)

If you having trouble with a laptop, you can even bring your computer to Mike Tie (cmc 305) for help.