Economics Department Prefects, TA's and Student Departmental Advisors (SDA's)

Student departmental advisers (SDAs) are seniors who serve as a resource for all current students, especially new students, who want to talk to a knowledgeable and experienced upper class student about courses and registration. They supplement the information and advice available through faculty advisers and published materials, and refer students to the proper office or department when needed.

Prefects - Spring Term 2014

Econ 110.01 Principles of Macroeconomics, taught by Martha Paas

     Caitlin Throne - Review Sessions: Sundays, 4-5pm and Tuesdays, 8-9pm, Willis 211

Econ 110.02 Principles of Macroeconomics, taught by Bruce Wambheim

     Graham Tierney - Review Sessions:  Sundays, 5-6pm and Wednesdays, 9-10pm, Willis 211

 Econ 110.03 Principles of Macroeconomics, taught by Bruce Dalgaard

     No prefect

Econ 111.01 Principles of Microeconomics, taught by Lauren Feiler

     Jake Kramer - Review Sessions:   Sundays, 6-7pm and Wednesdays, 8-9pm, Leighton 426

Econ 111.02 Principles of Microeconomics, taught by Faress Bhuiyan

     Claire Willeck - Review Sessions: Sundays, 10-11pm and Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30pm, Willis 205

Econ 111.03 Principles of Microeconomics, taught by Prathi Seneviratne

     Emily Turner - Review Sessions: Tuesdays and Sundays, 8-9pm, Willis 205


Teaching Assistants - Spring Term 2014

Econ 331 Intermediate Macro Theory, taught by Nathan Grawe

Wenth Wang - Review Sessions:  Wednesday and Sundays, 7-8pm, Willis 211


Student Departmental Advisers - 2013/14:

Yuqing Lin

I'm Yuqing Lin, a senior Econ major coming from Nanjing China. At Carleton, I have taken various courses across many departments, but my favorite is social science related ones. In the Economics department, I have taken two 100-level courses, Game Theory, Economics of Development, Cost and Benefit Analysis, Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources, Economics of Welfare, and three 300-level courses. I have also taken some courses in the Political Science department and Sociology department and have found courses such as International Relations and World Politics, Comparative Political Regimes, and Exploration of Social Data might also be useful for studying Economics.  My email is

Katherine Greenberg

Hi!  My name is Katherine Greenberg and I am a senior Economics major with a Political Economy concentration.  I am from St. Louis, MO and play tennis at Carleton.  I am also President of Women in Economics and work in the Carleton Career Center located  in the basement of Sayles.  In my time at Carleton I have taken a wide variety of economics courses including Macro, Micro, Macroeconomic Growth and Development, History of Economic Thought and United States Economic History.  The summer following my sophomore year I attended the Cambridge program.  If you have any questions about classes, clubs, opportunities for Econ majors, the Cambridge program or anything else please feel free to email me.  My email is

Eddie Schermerhorn 

My name is Eddie and I'm from Boulder, CO. For a long time I was torn between majoring in Economics or Political Science, but I finally settled in the Econ camp. I have taken the three core Econ courses, the Managerial Economics series, and Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources.

Outside of Economics, I enjoy rock climbing and I make frequent trips to Redwing, MN to climb the bluff there. I would love to answer any questions anyone has, particularly if they are torn between PoliSci and Econ like I was. Feel free to email me at