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Geology Department News

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  • Nate Evenson ’10 Cited For Outstanding Oral Presentation

    June 15, 2010

    We have just learned that Nate Evenson ’10 was recognized for the “Outstanding Undergraduate Oral Presentation” at this spring’s Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America meeting in Anaheim, California.  Nate’s title was, “U-Pb zircon geochronology and provenance of the Paleogene–Neogene Kootznahoo Formation, southeast Alaska.”  The award includes a check for $400.

    Congratulations Nate!

  • Clint Cowan Promoted To Full Professor

    May 25, 2010

    We are extremely pleased to be able to report that the Dean of the College, Beverly Nagel, has just announced faculty promotions for this year, and Clint Cowan '83 is being promoted to full professor effective September 1, 2010.  Congratulations, Clint!

    Professor Clint Cowan was educated at Carleton College and earned his M.Sc. in Geology from The University of Michigan in 1985.   After receiving his Master’s degree, he worked as an exploration geologist with Exxon in Houston, Texas, for two years before entering the Ph.D. program at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario.  He earned his Ph.D. in 1992, and taught at Carleton for one term as a Visiting Professor before taking a position as an International Staff Geologist with Royal Dutch Shell in The Hague, Netherlands.  Five years later, in the fall of 1997, he returned to Carleton and began his present teaching career.

  • Nate Ryan '10 Is Among New Graduates Who Hunt For Jobs With College's Help

    May 25, 2010

    Northfield, Minn. — College students graduating this spring face one of the toughest job markets in a generation.

    Because of that, career counselors say networking with potential employers is more important than ever.

    That challenge has prompted two Minnesota colleges to become more aggressive in connecting students with alumni who could help them get that first job.

    Nate Ryan is doing his best to find a job, an internship, or anything at all, in this bleak job market. The 23-year-old graduates next month from Carleton College in Northfield.

    Ryan isn't checking classified ads for work, that's so 1990s.

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