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Lydia Butt, Ph.D.
Lydia B. Tang Profile
Lecturer in German
Off Campus: Fall 2015

Lecturer; Co-Director of the off-campus studies program "German & European Studies in Berlin" (Fall 2015; with David Tompkins, History)

University of Göttingen (Germany), M.A.; New York University, Ph.D.

German literature from the Enlightenment to the Weimar Republic; drama and theater; visual culture (especially film); aesthetics; theories of Bildung around 1800; language pedagogy

Diane Nemec Ignashev Profile
Chair of German and Russian
Class of 1941 Professor of Russian and the Liberal Arts
Off Campus: Spring 2016
Juliane Schicker Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of German
Visiting Instructor in German
John Lyon ’90 Profile
Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor of German

Emeriti Faculty

Sigi Leonhard
Sigi Leonhard Profile
Professor of German, Emerita

Professor; Université de Nantes, licence en lettres modernes et philosophie; Stanford, M.A., Ph.D. Goethezeit, History of Ideas, Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries, Postwar German Literature,TheGerman Bildungsroman, German Film.

Roger Paas
Roger Paas Profile
William H. Laird Professor of German and the Liberal Arts, Emeritus

Professor; Hamilton, B.A.; Bryn Mawr, Ph.D.
German Literature of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Political Graphics, German Drama, History of Printing.

Anne Ulmer
Anne Ulmer Profile
Professor of German, Emerita

Professor; Minnesota, B.A., M.A.; Yale, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Austrian Literature, German Drama, Modern German Literature

Julie Klassen Profile
Professor of German, Emerita

Professor; University of California (Santa Barbara), B.A.; Stanford, M.A., Ph.D. Poetic Realism and Naturalism, East German Literature, The Forest in German Literature and Culture.


Mary Tatge
Mary Tatge Profile
Administrative Assistant in German and Russian
Administrative Assistant in Spanish
Administrative Assistant in French