Guide for New Students

German (GERM)

Chair: Fall/Winter Professor Diane Nemec Ignashev
          Winter/Spring Professor Laura Goering

In our changing global environment, communication is the key to understanding other peoples and cultures. After your first year of German at Carleton, you will have the oral proficiency to live and study in a German-speaking country. Students can take German to fulfill their general language requirement and may go on to earn a Certificate of Advanced Study.

Can I major in it? Yes, German is offered as a major.

Topics explored: German history and culture, literature, fairy tales, and Schiller!

How to get started: First-year students should take the appropriate German language course(s) in order to complete the basic language sequence. Students who have tested out of the language requirement are invited to enroll in upper-level classes. A first-year seminar is also being offered: GERM 100: Views of Reality.