German Cover

Why study German?

In our changing global environment, communication is the key to understanding other peoples and cultures. Students who complete the first year of German at Carleton have the oral proficiency to live and study in a German-speaking country. They are encouraged to take part in our bi-annual program in Berlin or to pursue oversees study on other approved programs. See the Photo Album page for pictures from past programs and other activites. 

Since the fall of the Wall and the establishment of the European Union as an economic and political power, the question of German identity has again come to the forefront, and its philosophical and literary foundations are crucial to an understanding of the country. Students will gain the skills to read important writers and thinkers in the original German: Goethe, Schiller, Kafka, Rilke, Mann, Freud, Brecht, Christa Wolf, Ingeborg Bachmann. 

Special Seminars for First-Year Students (in translation):

Past offerings have included: Science, Authority and Conscience in Modern German Literature; The German Fairy Tale; Searching for the Self; and View of Reality.

Literature and Culture Courses in German:

Theater in Berlin; Projects in the Arts; German in Cultural Contexts; Studies in Twentieth-Century Prose and Poetry; Mystery, Murder, Madness: Crime; The Age of Goethe; Topics in German Drama; Realism and the Rise of Modernism; Romantic Visions of the World.

Literature and Culture Courses in Translation:

Studies in German Cinema; European film; From Gutenberg to Gates: History and Practice of the Book; Contemporary Women Writers in the German-Speaking Countries; Damsels, Dwarfs and Dragons: Medieval German Literature; Cultures in Conflict. Courses in World Literature offered in translation Fall Term: German 100: Views of Reality; LCST 100: Alien; EUST: Culture or Brutality: The German Questions.