History Department Office Assistants

Fall 2015-16 History Department Office Assistants & Newsletter Staff

  Gretchen Fernholz   Tanner Fliss, '16   2017JackAtterberry   2017EmmaNicosia   Sasha Mayn   Maggie Goldberger

Gretchen Fernholz '16/Tanner Fliss '16/Jack Atterberry '17*/Emma Nicosia '17*/Sasha Mayn '18/
and a warm welcome to our newest addition - Maggie Goldberger '19

*Off-Campus Fall

  2017ErinYoung-Dahl   2017LindseyBrandt      

Erin Young-Dahl '17 & Lindsay Brandt '17 - Serena Zabin Project


Jeremy Fisher '16 - Susannah Ottaway Project                                            

2015-16 Student Worker Job Description

2015-16 Newsletter Staff Description