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This summer (2015) I plan to improve the communications and networking between our History alumni and majors. My plan coincides nicely with the College Web Design Team and the Career Center's new initiatives: the Alumni Profiles and the Career Guides. They have the same goal: to make interaction between alumni, fellow alumni, and students easy and useful.

The new Alumni Profiles initiative:
1) is password-protected, so only an alum can make his/her own changes (I cannot cannot create or update your Alumni Profile for you);
2) allows you to change and update your own info at any time, so it can be as up-to-date as possible!!!;
3) offers an easy-to-use networking system for alumni and students.
(To participate in these two new initiatives, please visit: Creating an Alumni Profiles and Career Guides.)

Much of the information on the current pages becomes quickly obsolete: Alumni News, Alumni Career Volunteer Consultant, and Alumni Grad School Volunteer Consultant. I plan to replace all three of our pages with one easy-to-use, straightforward page:  Alumni Profiles. I am persuaded that it will be a better and more effective networking tool for our History alumni, your fellow alumni, majors, and other Carleton students.

I hope you will visit Creating an Alumni Profiles and Career Guides. I appreciate your good help to improve our History networking system, and thank all of you who have already done so.

Also, if you'd like me to share any of your updates with the others, I'm always very glad to post them in the Historian Newsletter and on our History Facebook page.

History Department Graduate School Faculty Adviser, 2015-16: Professor Bill North

For updates and corrections, please contact us!

1. Alumni & grad schools:

2. Volunteer Alumni History Major Graduate School Consultants:

Heather Althoff, '99.  "I would be happy to speak with and/or e-mail anyone interested in the field of librarianship." After serving the public in libraries and education for 13 years, Heather transitioned into publishing for The Eakins Press Foundation, a small New York City non-profit publisher with an emphasis on art, culture and education. Following her passion for reading and writing, she began the Doctor of Arts & Letters Program at Drew University in the fall of 2014.  Heather’s focus of study will be on American Literature. She continues to be a volunteer tutor for a variety of community organizations and a leader with the Girl Scouts of America. Furthering her involvement in civic engagement, Heather joined the Cornerstone Family Programs’ Board in the fall of 2014. 

Kelsey Barale, ’07, California. I'm a grad student in International Agricultural Development at UC Davis. I'd be happy to talk to any history majors who are interested in agriculture or development. I can also talk to students about applying to science grad programs with a history degree. (11-17-11)

Steve Bassi, '00. "I would love to help out in any way I can. Please feel free to share any of my info. with current students or alums. If anyone is interested in teaching either grade school or high school, send 'em my way! After graduation I taught fourth grade for three years, so if anyone is interested in teaching in a private grade school, I can give them some information. Also, I've taught ESL to high school students the past few summers, both in the States and abroad, so I can lend some help there as well. I'm currently in the first year of getting my Master's in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, with a certification in teaching ESL and History."

David Bender, '99. Third year PhD student in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, New York University. Focus: nationalism, identity, Islam in Greater Syria and Turkey from late Ottoman period through the 1930's.

Lauren Benditt, '05. I'm currently a second year Phd student in sociology at Stanford, but I've also received an MPA from the University of Wisconsin and spend a couple of years working in Minnesota state government. If anyone wants information about applying to policy graduate programs, sociology graduate programs or working in the public policy field, I'm happy to answer questions. (11-16-11)

Ellen Berg, '96. I'd be happy to talk with students about graduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley. My dissertation was in U.S. History with a focus on immigration history, "Citizens in the Republic of Childhood: Immigrants and the American Kindergarten, 1880-1920." I also had a Fulbright (to Norway) between graduation and entering grad school and could discuss that sort of option with students. As of 9/17/2009: Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Maryland, with a focus on U.S. immigration and national identity. Recently held a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History (2008-2009).

Laura Blom, '02. "I'm doing an MA in Italian Renaissance Art at the Courtauld in London, and very happy to talk to students about living in the UK, getting funding for the UK, or doing non-history graduate work."

Rachel Branch, '02. "I would love to be available as a resource to history majors, though I'm just starting out myself. I'm currently in a public history masters program at University of San Diego, so I can answer questions about that sort of post-graduation track."

Emily Brimsek, '06. "I am a first-year PhD student at Brown University studying early modern British and Atlantic history. I'd be happy to talk to other students interested in going to graduate school in history after Carleton!"

Shervon Cassim, '00. Law student, University of Minnesota Law School. Focus: International Law.

Sarah Chambers, '85.
University of Minnesota, Associate Professor of Latin American History.
Author of From Subjects to Citizens : Honor, Gender, and Politics in Arequipa, Peru 1780-1854.
Research analyzes on the transition from colonialism to independent republics, with a particular focus on gender.

Michael Cohen, '02. Dept of History, University of Tennessee, Assistant Editor & Assistant Research Professor, Correspondence of James K. Polk. Grad school emphasis on history of education, the nineteenth century, and women's/gender history. I would be happy to talk with Carleton students or alumni who are thinking about history graduate programs. (11-18-11)

Julia Cummiskey, '04. After Carleton I did a masters in public health at Columbia University while working at the New-York Historical Society and then worked at the NYC health department and at Montefiore Medical Center for several years. I started my PhD in the history of medicine at Johns Hopkins in 2010. I'd be happy to talk to any students interested in public health, grad school (history or otherwise), etc. (11-16-11)

Peter Gill, '09. I am in Senegal and enjoying it a lot here. The Peace Corps has been a very good experience. I am writing to say that I'd be willing to be added to the list of grad school/career advisors. I'd be more than happy to talk with students who are interested in joining Peace Corps or doing the Peace Corps master's international program.  (11-26-11)

Erin Glade, '98. Worked 3 years in the field of Immigration Law. I completed the 2-year MA program in Middle Eastern Studies at University of Chicago in 2004, and am now am now in the History PhD program at University of Chicago, working toward a dissertation in Modern Middle Eastern History.

Katie Goetz, '08.  I'm in the History Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota.  I finished my MA this spring, and I'm planning to continue on toward my doctorate.  I'd be glad to be on List 1, if anyone wants to talk about grad school in general.  Also, I've been active with several different public history venues in Minnesota, so if someone is looking for experience in museums/public history I'd be glad to share what I know.

Lauren Hafner, '98. I'm currently a master's student in the dept. of public health at the University of Washington and will probably head toward work as a health educator or something similar. I can say my history training has served me well.

David Harrisville, '09. I'd love to sign up for grad school advising. I'm in my 3rd year of grad school and I've recently worked for the WI Historical Museum and WI Historical Society Archives so I might be of use to people who are thinking of history grad school or museum/archive work. 1/16/2012

Michelle Herder, '97. PhD, medieval history, Yale. Went from Carleton to the PhD program at Yale. I'm now teaching at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I finished my Ph.D. in 2003 with a dissertation on "The Monastery of St. Daniel and the Community of Girona, 1020-1370." 9/6/2005

David Hirsch '09, I can assist students interested in applying to law school in New York. ( 11/16/2011

Heather Hoagland, '05. I just applied for grad school at the George Washington University Museum Studies program.  So I can be a contact for questions regarding the GREs and applying for grad school. I can be a contact for people considering grad school and also anyone considering working while going back to school part time.

Derek Hoff, '94. PhD, University of Virginia. Assistant Professor of History, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Professor Hoff, whose dissertation was entitled "Are We Too Many? The Population Debate and Policymaking in the Twentieth-Century United States," specializes in modern American political, economic, and environmental history. "I am a veteran of the job market and just landed a tenure track job, and I would be happy to talk to anyone about the process."

Brent Irvin, 94, I am VP and General Counsel at Tencent, an large Internet company based in China.  Previously I worked at Wilson Sonsini, a Silicon Valley law firm, where my practice focused on cross-border transactions and start-up work.  My JD is from Stanford and also received an MA in East Asian Studies from Yale.  I am happy to talk with people regarding a career in law or working/living abroad.  

Elizabeth Johnson Lorenz-Meyer, '92. University of Minnesota Ph.D. in history expected May 2006. (M.A., history from University of Kansas, 1998.) Focus is nineteenth and early twentieth century U.S. history with an emphasis on immigration and gender history. I'd be happy to be listed on your contacts page for anyone interested in the U of MN program. I specialize in late nineteenth/early twentieth century U.S. history, with an emphasis on immigration and gender history.

Kate (Bourdow) Juhl, '04. Program Director, University Career Center, University of Maryland. I serve as a career counselor, working specifically with students in arts, humanities and journalism. I'd be happy to talk with Carleton students in those areas or students interested in graduate school for higher education/career counseling (or the University of Maryland).  If any of these topics are of interest to Carleton students, they are more than welcome to contact me. I can be reached at  9/26/11

Erin Keyes, '96. Since November 2004, I have been Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Minnesota Law School. I head up the Student Services division, oversee programming and student activities, do lots of one-on-one counseling and advising, co-direct the academic assistance and diversity programs. I'm still happy to talk to Carleton students and History majors, especially if they are at all interested in law. (updated January 30, 2009)

Matthew Kim, '99. After majoring in history at Carleton, I completed my M.Div. degree (2002) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Most recently, I've completed my M.Th. (2003) and Ph.D. (2006) degrees from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in the areas of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology. I am currently working as an adjunct professor of preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and am looking to become a pastor of a church in the U.S.

Brett Landis, '04. I am a staff attorney with Legal Aid Services of Oregon in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I work with low-income, rural clients in issues involving domestic violence, tenant's rights, and public benefits. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions regarding careers in law or going to law school or working for a non-profit organization. I graduated law school in 07, so I'm happy to be a resource for any students considering law. I graduated law school in 07, so I'm happy to be a resource for any students considering law.

Tom Lekan, '89. Professor, University of South Carolina, Columbia. I'd be happy to offer advice about graduate programs in modern Europe, German history, urban history and environmental history. If anyone is applying to Princeton I can certainly scope out a particular faculty member for them. Students can contact me anytime.

Allie Lichter, '95. "I would be happy to be a link both on the graduate school page and on the "career" page. I've done both. I was at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor working on a doctorate in 20th century African history, and now I am working as a producer for a local public radio station, WNYC.

Wendi Lindquist, '02. I would be happy to be a grad school consultant. I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Washington in history. I specialize in the history of the North American West, but am interested in working in public history. I'm happy to talk with students about grad school in general, but also alternatives to the faculty track. 11/16/2011

Jonathan Loevner, '06.  I'd be happy to be added to the list of grad school advisers. I'm currently a Master of Forestry candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, focusing on collaborative forest restoration and western land conservation and management. Previously, I advised a member of the House of Representatives on legislative issues pertaining to the environment, energy, global warming, natural resources, and public lands. I'd be delighted to speak to anyone with an interest in these areas. 11/16/2011

Loren McWethy, '04. Willing to discuss information on internships/educational & overseas programs in the DC area. I would be willing to be a point of contact for current Latin American History majors. I would be happy to help out the History Department in this way. Please refer people my way.

Drew Meyers, '02. graduated in 2002. I'm now in the doctoral program in history at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. My interest is in doing 19/20th century U.S. cultural, urban/suburban, and medical history. I'd be happy to talk with anyone interested in Michigan's program.

Ria Miranda, '98. MA student at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, focus: international security policy in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Has worked for ABC News, Columbia University as an international student advisor, travelled to the Middle East, and done an internship in Manila for AP News. "I have dabbled enough that I can talk to people about diverse topics."

Michelle Morgan (Klein), '96. PhD, American history, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007. I am teaching in the history department at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, and running a Teaching American History grant, which provides professional development to K-12 teachers in the Madison Metropolitan School District. I would be happy to talk to other students interested in pursing graduate school. 9/16/2009

Nic Netzel, '01. MA student in Library and Information Science at the University of Washington. His study interests are in Archives and digital document preservation, as well as non-textual information. There are quite a few historians going into this fascinating and important field. If you have an interest in the LIS field, please contact him, his enthusiasm is contagious!

Katie Thompson Newell, ’05,  Knoxville, TN.  Graduate Student / Teaching Assistant,  In Spring 2011 I was awarded the University of Tennessee History Department’s Susan Becker Award for Excellence in Teaching. I also passed my Ph.D. comprehensive exams in September 2011 and am now ABD. In October I gave a paper, “Intellectual Traditions in the Books of Chivalry of Ramon Llull and Geoffroi de Charny,” at the 2011 SEMA conference in Decatur, GA; I am also a member of the SEMA Executive Council. I am currently serving as graduate student coordinator for UT’s Medieval Frontiers Faculty-Graduate Seminar, in addition to TAing in the History Department. My dissertation research is going to focus on Angevin court culture and Jerusalem (c. 1200 C.E.).

Kyle Neale, '06. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. I am currently a first year medical student at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding the career or applying to school. 

Taylor Page, '03. I would love to talk to anyone who is interested in law school. I am at the University of Pennsylvania.

Janet Polasky, '73. I'm happy to be listed where ever...I suppose on grad school info. I went directly from Carleton to Stanford University in European History. I taught at Macalester and U of M part time while I finished my degree in 1978. I'm a professor of Modern European HIstory and Women's Studies at the University of New Hampshire.

Jena Rakoff, '02. 5th grade Humanities teacher in Washington, DC. Masters in Teaching Social Studies from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Adam Reilly, '94. I cover city, state and national politics for the Boston Phoenix, a weekly newspaper that’s the Massachusetts equivalent of City Pages. I didn't realize I wanted to be a reporter until I'd gotten a master’s degree from Harvard Divinity School and started a PhD program in history, so I’d be happy to talk to people about either journalism or grad school.

Josh Rising, '97. Enrolled in Boston University's MD/MPH program in 1997. Worked as Legislative Affairs Director of the American Medical Student Association, 2000-2001. Current Pediatric resident, University of California, San Francisco.

Nicholas E. Roberts '96.  Although I graduated from Carleton with a religion major, I am now an assistant professor of history at Sewanee: University of the South.  After Carleton I did an MA in Middle East Studies at the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in a joint history/Middle East and Islamic Studies program at New York University.  I'd be happy to share my knowledge about graduate programs in Middle East studies, the state of the job market, and careers inside and outside of academia that are possible with graduate training in Middle East history.  I can also talk about the Fulbright fellowship from my own experience as a Fulbrighter and as someone who has interviewed students applying for the program.  (11-20-2013)

Clifford Rosenberg, '91. PhD, Princeton. After Carleton, he went to graduate school at Oxford before returning to the States to Princeton, so he has some familiarity with both the British and American systems. He is a professor in the History Department at the City College of New York. 

Matthew Sanders, '97. J.D., Stanford University Law School. Currently appellate attorney in the Environment & Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

Melanie Schmidt, '02. In fall 2005 I am starting my PhD at UCLA after working in Washington, D.C. Moving across the country will be an adventure in its own rite! I’ll be studying 20th US history…and I would be happy to talk to anyone about grad school!

Jordan Smith, ’10,  After spending a year working at Mount Vernon as a Historic Interpreter, I’ve just started Ph.D. coursework at Georgetown University, where I'm studying Atlantic History. I'm happy to talk with students considering graduate school, in the midst of the application process, or wondering about the interplay between public and academic history. (11/16/11)

Katherine Smoak,'10.  I'm now in a history PhD program at Hopkins and enjoying thinking about history all the time (though I miss Carleton's department so much!).  I'm always happy to answer any questions for current students about grad school application and grad school itself! 

Elizabeth Treat, '03. Student, "I would be happy to be available by e-mail to talk to Carleton students or grads about going to grad school in history. I'm a first year in a PhD program in history at Brown University, focusing on early modern British history, and interest in early modern European history, Ottoman Empire, and gender history."

Kate Van Gundy, '03. Student, MA-Teaching at Brown University, Providence, RI. Will teach History/Social Studies in grades 7-12. "It is a great (intense) 12 month masters program."

Marga Warnicke, '97. Warnicke, Marga. Class of 1997. MA in History with a Certificate in Museum Studies. University of Delaware in Museum Studies. I currently manage the GMAT/GRE/LSAT test preparation program at Arizona State University. On a daily basis, I help our students prepare for the graduate school admissions tests as well as help them navigate the graduate school admissions process. I would be happy to speak to Carleton students or alumni about the standardized tests, general graduate school admission issues or my own graduate school work. I am currently in the process of applying for admittance to a PhD program in Public Administration because I didn’t get enough of graduate school the first time around!

Derek Wolff, '92. Ph.D., Japanese history, University of Chicago. Dissertation: "Notes from the Periphery: Satsuma Identities in Early Modern and Modern Japan." Postdoctoral fellowship, Harvard's Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies. "I'd be happy to serve as a resource for current Carleton students or alumni who are engaged in or are considering Asian Studies or Japanese Studies."

Falan Yinug,'96. John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Masters in Public Policy. Current job/career: International Trade Analyst, U.S. International Trade Commission."I'd be happy to talk with students and fellow alums about graduate school or my career."

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