Careers, Internships and Grad School

The study of history at Carleton equips students to pursue any career with success. Through their work in the major, when combined with the strong liberal arts training received at Carleton, our majors gain not only broad and deep historical and cultural knowledge but also skills vital to success in all careers. Our majors:

  • know where and how to find information quickly
  • can cope effectively with large quantities of data in diverse forms
  • know how to evaluate critically the information provided by sources and experts
  • can integrate ideas and information from a variety of sources
  • can design and execute independent projects
  • can express themselves with clarity, economy, and elegance

After Carleton, our majors pursue a wide variety of career paths and the Department seeks to support each person in achieving success, whether in business, the professions, education and academia, public service, the arts, and many, many other callings.

If you are a student, we encourage you to investigate:

If you are an alum, let us know how we may support you as your career progresses and please let us know whether you would like to support our students as a career resource, mentor, or by simply letting us know about job opportunities in your area.

Both students and alumni, please also visit: Job Postings for History Majors and Internships for our list of open jobs and internships.

Departmental Career Advisor for 2015-2016:
Bill North


This summer (2015) I plan to improve the communications and networking between our History alumni and majors. My plan coincides nicely with the College Web Design Team and the Career Center's new initiatives: the Alumni Profiles and the Career Guides. They have the same goal: to make interaction between alumni, fellow alumni, and students easy and useful.

The new Alumni Profiles initiative:
1) is password-protected, so only an alum can make his/her own changes (I cannot cannot create or update your Alumni Profile for you);
2) allows you to change and update your own info at any time, so it can be as up-to-date as possible!!!;
3) offers an easy-to-use networking system for alumni and students.
(To participate in these two new initiatives, please visit: Creating an Alumni Profiles and Career Guides.)

Much of the information on the current pages becomes quickly obsolete: Alumni News, Alumni Career Volunteer Consultant, and Alumni Grad School Volunteer Consultant. I plan to replace all three of our pages with one easy-to-use, straightforward page:  Alumni Profiles. I am persuaded that it will be a better and more effective networking tool for our History alumni, your fellow alumni, majors, and other Carleton students.

I hope you will visit Creating an Alumni Profiles and Career Guides. I appreciate your good help to improve our History networking system, and thank all of you who have already done so.

Also, if you'd like me to share any of your updates with the others, I'm always very glad to post them in the Historian Newsletter and on our History Facebook page.