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This easy-to-search alphabetical list of graduate schools was created for Carleton College History majors of Master's and Master's of Education programs, museum studies, historical administration and preservation, history of science, technology, and medicine, public history, archival, and Ph.D. programs.

The institutions are listed by name, city, state, degrees offered, and specialties. To search for a specific school in this index, use the letters below, or go to the Edit menu in your toolbar and select the 'find' or 'search' tool. Institutions that offer specific degree programs can be searched using the abbreviations: MA, MAEd, PhD, etc.

If a link fails, please tell me. If you would like to update your institution's information, please contact us!

For a list of the American Historical Association (AHA) History Doctoral Programs, see also:


University of Akron, Akron, OH: MA, PhD (doctoral consortium with Kent State); early modern, modern Europe, medieval, U.S., public
American University-Washington, DC: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, Latin America, Russia
Appalachian State University-Boone, NC: MA; U.S., modern Europe, medieval, public
Arcadia University-Glenside, PA; MA, MAEd, MAH; U.S., Europe, modern Africa, fascism, migration
University of Arizona - Tucson: MA, PhD; U.S., Latin America, comparative women, medieval and Reformation, Asia
Arizona State University-Tempe: MA, MAEd, PhD; Asia, Britain, Europe, Latin America, US
University of Arkansas-Little Rock: MA; U.S., Arkansas, Europe, Latin America, public
Auburn University-Auburn, AL: MA, PhD; U.S. South, technology, Europe since 1500

Ball State University- Muncie, IN: MA; U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East and Asia
Bennington College-Bennington, VT: MA; post-1945 international relations, Middle East, 19th and 20th c. U.S., American foreign relations, Pacific basin
Boise State University-Boise, ID: MA; Europe, Americas, public, diplomatic, regional
Boston College-Boston, MA: MA, MAT, PhD; medieval, early Modern, modern Europe, U.S. and Latin America, Britain and Ireland, eastern Europe, Boston
Boston University-Boston, MA: MA, PhD; modern Europe, U.S., Africa, 20th-century international, cultural and intellectual
Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio: MA, MAT, PhD; policy, U.S. since 1750, 20th-century Europe, Latin America, east Asia
Brandeis University-Waltham, MA: MA, PhD; early modern and modern Europe, America
Bridgewater State College-Bridgewater, MA: MAT; Asia, Canada and U.S., Europe
Brigham Young University-Provo, UT; family, social, American West, American religious, modern Europe
Brooklyn College- CUNY: MA; U.S., medieval, early modern, modern Europe, women
Brown University-Providence, RI; MA, MAT, PhD; ancient and medieval, early modern and modern Europe, Asia, early and modern U.S., colonial and modern Latin America
Butler University-Indianapolis, IN: MA; 18th-20th c. U.S., U.S. labor, Midwest geography, modern Europe, comparative revolution

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University of California-Berkeley: MA, PhD; early and late modern Europe, East Asia, U.S., medieval, Latin America
University of California-Davis: MA, PhD; U.S. social, cultural labor, early modern and modern Europe, East Asia, Latin America, cross-cultural women
University of California-Irvine: MA, PhD; Europe, U.S., world, East Asia, Latin America
University of California-Los Angeles: MA, CPhil, PhD; Africa, Asia, U.S., Europe, Latin America
University of California-San Diego: MA, CPhil, PhD; East Asia, Europe, Latin America, science, U.S.
University of California-Santa Barbara: MA, PhD; America, Europe, medieval, Latin America, Middle East
University of California-Santa Cruz: MA, PhD; Europe, Asia, world, ancient, Americas
California State University-Bakersfield: MA; U.S., Europe, Latin America, East Asia, ancient
California State University-Chico: MA; America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa
California State University-Fullerton: MA; America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa
California State University-Long Beach: MA; Europe, U.S., world, Asia, Latin America
California State University-Los Angeles: MA; U.S., Latin America, modern Europe and Russia, Middle East, Asia
California State University-Northridge: MA; U.S., local and urban archival, California, Europe, Third World
California State University-Sacramento: MA, PhD (joint with California, Santa Barbara); U.S., public, California, American West, Europe
California State University-Stanislaus: MA; U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America
Carnegie Mellon University-Pittsburgh, PA; MA, MS, PhD; women and family, history and policy, African American, science-technology-environment, anthropology and history
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH: MA, PhD; America, science-technology-environment-medicine, social policy
Catholic University of America, Washington, DC: MA, MA/MSLS, MA/JD, PhD; medieval, early modern, and modern Europe, United States, Latin America  
Central Connecticut State University-New Britain, CT: MA, MS; U.S., Europe, Latin America, East Asia, Africa, Middle East
Central Michigan University-Mount Pleasant, MI: MA, MA/PhD (with U. Strathclyde, Scotland); U.S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, East Asia
Central Washington University-Ellensburg, WA: MA; U.S., Latin America, modern Europe, East Asia
University of Charleston-Charleston, SC: MA (jointly with Citadel); South Carolina low country, U.S., early and recent Europe, Third World
University of Chicago: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, East and South Asia, intellectual
Christopher Newport University-Newport News, VA: MAT; Africa and Middle East, East Asia, Europe, Latin America, U.S.
University of Cincinnati-Cincinnati, OH: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, Britain, ancient, medieval and Renaissance
Claremont Graduate University-Claremont, CA: MA, PhD; U.S., American studies, European studies, intellectual, social, cultural
Clark University-Worcester, MA: MA, PhD; America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Holocaust and genocide studies
Clemson University-Clemson, SC: MA, MEd; U.S., American South, Europe
Cleveland State University-Cleveland, OH: MA; U.S., Native American, African American, American studies, urban, Latin America, medieval, early modern and modern Europe, diplomatic
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, CO: MA; 18th-20th c. U.S., U.S. southwest and borderlands, Latin America, medieval, India, Europe, nationalism
Colorado State University-Fort Collins, CO: MA; U.S., U.S. West, Europe, public, historical preservation and archival
Columbia University-New York, NY: MA, MPhil, PhD; U.S., Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia
University of Connecticut-Storrs, CT: MA, PhD; early, recent America, medieval, modern Europe, Latin America, Caribbean
Cooperstown History Museum Studies Program-Cooperstown, NY: MA (history museum studies degree granted by SUNY College, Oneonta and the NY State Historical Association); museum studies, material culture, America, also Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship for Museum Leaders
Cornell University-Ithaca, NY: MA, PhD; North and Latin America, Africa, medieval and modern Europe, premodern and modern East and Southeast Asia, premodern Islamic 

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University of Delaware-Newark, DE: MA, PhD; America, Europe, global, technology and material culture, museum studies
Delaware State University-Dover, DE: MA; Master's in Historic Preservation
University of Denver-Denver, CO: MA; U.S., Europe, East Asia
DePaul University-Chicago, IL: MA; Europe, U.S., Latin America, Asia and Islamic, Africa
Drew University-Madison, NJ: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, intellectual, social, science
Drexel University- Philadelphia, PA: MS; America, modern Europe, science and technology
Duke University-Durham, NC: MA, PhD; America, Third World, military and science, medieval, modern Europe

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East Carolina University-Greenville, NC: MA, MAEd; U.S., Europe, maritime, Asia, Latin America
Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL: MA; U.S., Europe, museum studies, local, constitutional
Eastern Kentucky University-Richmond, KY: MA; 20th c. U.S., Kentucky, Europe, world civilization, England
Eastern Michigan University-Ypsilanti, MI: MA, Certificate; Europe, U.S., world
Eastern Washington University- Cheney, WA: MA; U.S., public, Europe, Latin America, East Asia
Emory University-Atlanta, GA: MA, PhD; medieval, early modern, modern Europe, America, Latin America, Africa
Emporia State University-Emporia, KS: MA, MAT; America, Europe, archival and museum studies, ethnic America, women

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Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy-Tufts University, Medford, MA: two-year Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD); second-year MALD students or those who have already completed a two-year master's degree in international affairs or a related field may apply to Ph.D. program.
University of Florida-Gainesville, FL: MA, PhD; U.S., Latin America, Europe and Mediterranean, Africa, science
Florida Atlantic University-Boca Raton, FL: Certificate, MA; Florida, modern Europe, 20th c. America
Florida International University-Miami, FL: MA, PhD; Africa, Europe, Latin America, U.S. They offer a nationally-recognized Ph.D. program in Atlantic History, focused on Latin America and the Caribbean:
Florida State University-Tallahassee, FL: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe 1500-present, historical administration, Latin America
Fordham University, Bronx, NY: MA, PhD; medieval, early modern, modern Europe, America, Latin America

George Mason University-Fairfax, VA: MA PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia
George Washington University-Washington, DC: MA, MPhil, PhD; 20th century U.S., Cold War international, imperial and colonial, early modern Europe, modern Asia
Georgetown University-Washington, DC: PhD; Asia, late medieval, early modern, and modern Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, Russia, eastern Europe 
University of Georgia-Athens, GA: MA, PhD; U.S., U.S.South, Europe, military, diplomatic
Georgia College and State University-Milledgeville: MA in Public History
Georgia State University-Atlanta, GA: MA, MHP, PhD; historic preservation and public, world, urban, labor, American South
Goucher College-Baltimore, MD: MA in historic preservation
Graduate School and University Center of the City University-New York, NY: PhD; America, Latin America, women, medieval, modern Europe

Harvard Graduate School of Education-Cambridge, MA: Ed.M., Ed.D. (Doctor of Education offered in nine concentrations), concurrent degree programs: Concurrent J.D./Ed.M. and J.D./Ed.D., Concurrent MBA/Ed.M.
Harvard University-Cambridge, MA: AM, PhD; America, medieval, early modern, and modern Europe, Latin America, East Asia, Africa
Harvard University, Department of the History of Science, Cambridge, MA: MA, PhD; Ancient, medieval, Renaissance, early modern science, medicine and public health, physical, biological, human sciences, social history of science
University of Hawaii-Manoa, HI: MA, PhD; East, south, southeast Asia, Pacific, U.S., Europe, world
Hawaii Pacific University-Honolulu, HI: MA; 19th and 20th century America, Europe, Asia, military, world
University of Houston-Houston, TX: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, public
Howard University-Washington, DC: MA, PhD; U.S., Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, modern Europe

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University of Idaho-Moscow, ID: MA, MAT, PhD; U.S. since 1877, North American Wester, modern Europe
University of Illinois-Chicago, IL: MA, MAT, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, Russia and eastern Europe, Progressive Era. New concentration: Work, Race, and Gender in the Urban World (WRGUW).
University of Illinois-Springfield, IL: MA; public, U.S., Europe, Asia
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, IL: MA, PhD, U.S., Europe, Africa and Middle East, Asia and East Asia, Latin America
Illinois State University-Normal, IL: MA, MS; America, Europe, global, social, cultural
Indiana State University-Terre Haute, IN: MA, MSc; U.S., early modern and modern Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Asia
Indiana University-Bloomington, IN: MA, MAT, PhD; U.S., Latin America, western Europe, Russia and eastern Europe, Africa, East Asia
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, IN: MA; America, Europe, public, Asia, Africa
University of Iowa-Iowa City: MA, PhD; U.S. and North America, east and south Asia, medieval, early modern, and modern Europe, Latin America, Africa, medicine, religion
Iowa State University-Ames, IA: MA, PhD; technology and science, agriculture and rural studies

Jacksonville State University-Jacksonville, AL: MA, MSEd, EdS; U.S., Europe, social, intellectual, American South, Holocaust, Latin America
James Madison University-Harrisburg, VA: MA MAT; Europe, U.S., local, regional, public
Johns Hopkins University-Baltimore, MD: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, East Asia
Johns Hopkins Program in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology-Baltimore, MD: PhD; history of medicine and science for early modern Europe; history of science, medicine and technology in the United States, 19th and 20th centuries; history of disease, public health and colonial medicine; and the history of the biomedical sciences.

University of Kansas-Lawrence, KS: MA, MHAMS, PhD; medieval, modern Europe, U.S., Latin America, East Asia
Kansas State University-Manhattan, KS: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, military, women and gender, environmental , American West
Kent State University-Kent, OH: MA, PhD (consortium with Akron); U.S., modern Europe, Africa, public

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Lake Forest College-Lake Forest, IL: MLS (liberal studies); Europe, U.S., Asia, Mexico
Lamar University-Beaumont, TX: MA; 20th c. U.S., military, Texas, American political, Europe
University of Louisiana-Lafayette, LA: MA; U.S., Europe, science and technology, Latin America, public
Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge, LA: MA, PhD; U.S., African American, Latin America and borderlands, medieval, Renaissance, early modern and modern Europe, Germany
University of Louisville-Louisville, KY: MA; U.S., Europe and Russia, Latin America, Middle East, ancient
Loyola Marymount University-Los Angeles, CA: MAT; Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, U.S.
Loyola University-Chicago, IL: MA, PhD; medieval and modern Europe, U.S., urban, public. 

University of Maine-Orono, ME; MA, PhD; U.S., Canada, Europe, women, historical archaeology
Marquette University-Milwaukee, WI: MA, PhD; early modern, modern Europe, U.S. social, political
Marshall University-Huntington, WV: MA; Europe, world civilization, U.S., Far East, military
University of Maryland Baltimore County-Baltimore, MD: MA; institutional and policy, interdisciplinary and comparative, political and administrative, social and labor
University of Maryland-College Park, MD: MA, PhD; U.S., ancient to modern Europe, Atlantic world, Latin America, women and gender
University of Massachusetts-Amherst: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa
University of Massachusetts-Boston: MA; Europe, America
University of Massachusetts-North Dartmouth, MA: MAT; U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-Cambridge, MA: PhD; America, Europe, East Asia, Middle East, science and technology
University of Memphis-Memphis, TN: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, Britain, African American
University of Miami-Coral Gables, FL: MA, PhD; Latin America, U.S., Europe, Far East
Miami University-Oxford, OH: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, comparative women and gender, world, ancient
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI: MA, PhD; Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, Middle East, Near East, United States, comparative social.
Michigan State University-East Lansing: MA II, PhD; Africa, comparative black, U.S. cultural and intellectual, modern Europe, Latin America
Michigan Technical University-Houghton, MI: MS; America, technology, business, industrial archaeology
University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, MN: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa
Minnesota State University-Mankato, MN: MA, MS; U.S., social, modern Europe 
University of Mississippi-University, MS: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, women
Mississippi State University-Mississippi State, MS: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia
University of Missouri-Columbia, MO: MA, PhD; Western Europe, Russia, Great Britain, Africa, East Asia, Latin America and the United States.
University of Missouri-Kansas City, MO: MA, PhD; Europe, America, religious studies, African American, gender and women's studies
University of Missouri-St. Louis, MO: MA; U.S., Europe, East Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East
Monmouth University-West Long Branch, NJ: MA; Europe, U.S., Russia and post Soviet Union, non-Western world, Middle East
University of Montana-Missoula: MA; American West, U.S., modern Europe, Latin America
Montana State University Bozeman: MA, History of Science, Technology and Society; Environmental History, History of the American West and Montana; PhD Public History, see website for more info.

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE: MA, PhD; America, American West, modern Europe, comparative world, Latin America
University of Nebraska-Kearney, NE: MA; U.S., Europe, Russia and eastern Europe, Latin America, South Asia
University of Nebraska-Omaha, NE: MA; U.S., Nebraska and Great Plains, modern Europe
University of Nevada-Las Vegas, NV: MA, PhD; U.S. West, European intellectual and cultural, Latin America, modern Asia
University of Nevada - Reno, NV: MA, PhD; American West, Nevada, U.S. cultural, medicine, science
University of New Hampshire-Durham, NH: MA, PhD; early and modern America, early modern and modern Europe, comparative
University of New Mexico-Albuquerque, NM: MA, PhD; Fields of study at both levels include concentrations in United States, Latin America, Asia, U.S. West, and Europe. A field in the Comparative History of Women and Gender is also offered.
University of New Orleans- New Orleans, LA: MA, MAT, PhD; U.S., Europe, urban, local, regional
State University of New York (SUNY)-Albany, NY: MA, MA and Certificate, PhD; international, public policy, work, gender, culture
SUNY-Binghamton-NY: MA, PhD; medieval, early modern and modern Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, United States, ancient, African, Latin American, Women, Labor. Also thematic and comparative fields like global exchanges, race and ethnicity, empire, violence, nationalism. Interdisciplinary work is facilitated by the Asian and Asian American Studies program, the Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations, the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and the Institute of Global Cultural Studies. See Assistantships.
SUNY-Brockport-NY: MA; world, early and 20th-century U.S., modern Europe
SUNY-Buffalo - NY: MA, PhD; early modern and modern Europe, U.S., Asia
SUNY-College at Buffalo-NY: MA, MS; U.S., Europe, Africa, Canada, Asia
SUNY-College at Cortland-NY: MA, MSEd; U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, secondary social studies
SUNY at Fredonia-NY: Certificate, MS; America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa
SUNY at Oswego-NY: MA; Europe, U.S., Third World, women
SUNY at Stony Brook-NY: MA, MAT, PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, science, women
New York University-New York, NY: MA, MPhil, NYS Certificate, MA/PhD, MA/JD, PhD; U.S. and Latin America, Europe, East Asia, Middle East, African diaspora
University of North Alabama-Florence, AL: MAEd; U.S., Europe, England, Latin America, Russia
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, ancient and medieval, science, Latin America
University of North Carolina-Charlotte, NC: MA; social, industrialization, urban, U.S. South, modern Europe
University of North Carolina-Greensboro, NC: MA; America, Europe, public, museum studies, historic preservation
University of North Carolina-Wilmington, NC: MA; U.S., Europe, non-Western, public
North Carolina State University-Raleigh, NC: MA; ancient and medieval, modern Europe, Third World, U.S., science and technology
University of North Dakota-Grand Forks, ND: MA, DA; Europe, U.S.
North Dakota State University-Fargo, ND: MA, MS; U.S. agriculture, North Dakota, U.S. West, Great Plains
University of North Florida-Jacksonville: MA; U.S., ancient, medieval, modern Europe, East Asia, African American, Latin America
University of North Texas-Denton, TX: MA, MS, PhD; U.S., Europe, military, Texas
Northeastern Illinois University-Chicago, IL: MA; U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and African American
Northeastern University-Boston, MA: MA, MAT, PhD; global, public, America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America
Northern Arizona University-Flagstaff, AZ: MA, PhD; American Southwest, environmental, modern Europe, Latin America, Asia
University of Northern Colorado- Greeley, CO: MA; revolutionary and early Republic America, American West, revolutionary Europe, immigration and cultural diversity
Northern Illinois University-DeKalb, IL: MA, PhD; U.S., modern Europe, Russia and eastern Europe, Southeast Asian studies
Northwest Missouri State College-Maryville, MO: MA, MSEd; Asia, eastern Europe, U.S., modern Europe
Northwestern University-Evanston, IL: PhD; U.S., Europe, Britain, Africa, comparative
University of Notre Dame-Notre Dame, IN: MA, PhD; America, modern Europe, medieval, science and technology, American Catholic

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Oakland University-Rochester, MI: MA; U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America
Ohio State University - Columbus: MA, PhD; military and diplomatic, business, women, U.S., Europe
Ohio University-Athens, OH: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America
University of Oklahoma-Norman, OK: MA, PhD; pre- and post-1865 U.S., American West, American Indian, American social and intellectual, Europe
University of Oklahoma, Department of History of Science, Norman, OK: MA, PhD; modern biological, social, earth sciences, medieval and Renaissance science, Arabic and Islamic science, scientific institutions, scientific explanation and methodology
Oklahoma State University-Stillwater, OK: MA, PhD; American West, American Indian, applied, 19th and 20th c. U.S., modern Europe
Old Dominion University- Norfolk, VA: MA; U.S., international relations, military, African American
University of Oregon-Eugene, OR: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, East and Southeast Asia, Latin America
Oregon State University-Corvallis, OR: MAIS (interdisciplinary studies), MA, MS, PhD (History of Science); Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia, Russia

Penn State University-University Park, PA: MA, PhD; Americas, ancient Mediterranean, east and south Asia, medieval, early modern and modern Europe, religion
University of Pennsylvania-Philadelphia, PA: MA, PhD; American political, labor, legal, social, Europe medieval, early modern, modern, Latin American cultural, East and South Asia, women
Pepperdine University-Malibu, CA: MA; early America, recent U.S., American west, foreign policy and religious
Portland State University-Portland, OR: MA; U.S., medieval, early modern Europe and England, public, women, East Asia
Princeton University-Princeton, NJ: MA, PhD (Graduate students are admitted only as candidates for PhD; MA is granted automatically upon completion of general exam); North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, science
Providence College-Providence, RI: MA, PhD; Europe, America, Britain, Ireland, East Asia
Purdue University- West Lafayette, IN: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, global perspectives

Queens College-CUNY, Flushing: MA, America, modern Europe, Asia, medieval, Jewish

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University of Rhode Island-Kingston, RI: MA, MA/MLS; U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia
Rhode Island College-Providence, RI: MA, MAT; America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa
Rice University-Houston, TX; MA, PhD; U.S. South and European and American intellectual, Caribbean, Latin American, African, Mediterranean and Asian, minor field in World History. Basic fellowship last year $13,000/year (plus $19,700 tuition waiver) renewable four years based on satisfactory performance; working toward guaranteed funding for fifth year. Top candidates eligible to receive President's Fellowship ($20,000/year). Student travel fund supports dissertation research and participation of advanced graduate students in professional meetings and conferences. Very flexible in design of courses of study for graduate students.
University of Richmond-Richmond, VA: MA; U.S., Europe, Britain, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, East Asia
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY: MA, PhD; Europe, America, Japan, Africa, Russia
Roosevelt University-Chicago, IL: MA; 19th and 20th c. U.S., Europe, African American
Rutgers-New Brunswick, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick: PhD; U.S., Europe, women, African American, comparative
Rutgers at Camden, NJ: MA; U.S., Europe, Asia, women, science and technology
Rutgers at Newark/New Jersey Institute of Technology-Newark, NJ: America, world, technology, environment, medicine, diplomatic, women

St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN: MA, MS; ancient and modern Europe, U.S., Latin America, Africa, public
St. John's University-Jamaica, NY: MA, DA; modern Europe, Asia, Africa, technology and industrialization, contemporary world
Saint Louis University-St. Louis, MO: MA, PhD; medieval and early modern Europe, church, U.S.
College of St. Rose-Albany, NY: MA; `19th and 20th c. U.S., labor and reform movements, U.S. foreign relations, Latin America, Europe
Salem State College-Salem, MA: MA, MAT; world, early America, Europe
Sam Houston State University-Huntsville, TX: MA; early, recent U.S., Britain and modern Europe, Latin America
University of San Diego-San Diego, CA: MA, MAT; U.S. West and Southwest, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa
San Francisco State University-San Francisco, CA: MA; U.S., Europe, East Asia, Latin America, gender
San Jose State University-San Jose, CA: MA; U.S., modern Europe, ancient to medieval, Asia, Latin America
Sarah Lawrence College-Bronxville, NY: MA; women, labor, political, cultural, intellectual, African American
University of Scranton-Scranton, PA: MA; America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, women
Shippensburg University-PA, Shippensburg, PA: MA; world and comparative, Africa, Latin America, South Asia, U.S.
Simmons College-Boston, MA: MA; women and gender, East Asian studies, African America, recent historiography, archives management
Slippery Rock University-Slippery Rock, PA: MA; ancient Rome, medieval England, women, modern China, U.S. social and intellectual
Smith College, Northampton, MA: MAT; ancient, Islamic Middle East, East Asia, Europe, U.S., Latin America
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA: MA; Pacific Rim, interdisciplinary, America, medieval and modern Europe
University of South Alabama-Mobile, AL: MA; early and early modern Europe, U.S., Third World Studies
University of South Dakota-Vermillion, J.D., MA in History
University of South Florida-Tampa, FL: MA; Europe, U.S., Latin America
Southeast Missouri State University-Cape Giradeau, MO: MA; historic preservation, social studies
University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA: MA, PhD; Americas, Asia, Europe
Southern Connecticut State University-New Haven, CT: MA; U.S., East and Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, IL: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, IL: MA, PhD (coop. with Southern Illinois, Carbondale); U.S. African American, Renaissance and modern Europe, Latin America, public
Southern Methodist University-Dallas, TX: MA, PhD; America, Europe, Latin America, U.S. Southwest, Africa
University of Southern Mississippi-Hattiesburg, MS: MA, MS, PhD; U.S., U.S. South, modern Europe, military and diplomatic, Americas
Southwest Missouri State University-Springfield, MO: MA, MSEd; 19th and 20th c. U.S., modern Europe, ancient Near East
Stanford University-Stanford, CA: MA, MA/JD, PhD; Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America, U.S.
Stephen F. Austin State University - modern Europe, Latin America, ancient and medieval
Syracuse University, htpp://  Syracuse, NY: MA, PhD; America, medieval, early, modern Europe, Latin America, South Asia, Russia and Soviet Union

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Tarleton State University-Stephensville, TX: MA; 19th and 20th c. Europe and U.S., Latin America, U.S. social and cultural
Temple University-Philadelphia, PA: MA, PhD; world, public, American and comparative military and diplomatic, American social and cultural
University of Tennessee-Knoxville, TN: MA, PhD; U.S., regional studies, Tennessee, military, Europe
Texas A M University-College Station, TX: MA, PhD; comparative border studies, diplomatic and military, Americas, Europe
Texas A M University-Commerce, TX: MA, MS; U.S. modern Europe
Texas State University-San Marcos, TX: MA, MEd; America, Europe, Latin America, military, public
University of Texas-Arlington, TX: MA, PhD; U.S. Southwest, trans-Atlantic, Europe, Latin America, Africa
University of Texas-Austin, TX: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America
University of Texas-El Paso, TX: MA, PhD; U.S.-Mexico border, Latin America, U.S., Europe, Africa
University of Texas-San Antonio, TX: MA; U.S. social, cultural, legal, institutional, U.S.-Mexico borderlands, European cultural and social, modern East and South Asia
University of Texas-Tyler, TX: MA; U.S. South and West, U.S., Europe, world
Texas Christian University-Fort Worth, TX: MA, PhD; U.S., Latin America
Texas Southern University-Houston, TX: MA; African American, U.S. social, urban, U.S. South, Africa
Texas Tech University-Lubbock, TX: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa
Texas Women's University-Denton, TX: MA; women, 20th c. America, Texas
University of Toledo, Toledo, OH: MA, PhD; Native American, public, American regional, diplomatic, urban, intellectual, labor, modern Europe
Trinity College-Hartford, CT: MA; Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Middle East
Tufts University-Medford, MA: MA, PhD; U.S. Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa. See also The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.
Tulane University-New Orleans, LA: MA, PhD; U.S., Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa
University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK: MA; antebellum U.S., American West, modern Europe, Russia

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Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, OH 44124 ~ 1-888-URSULINE or 440-449-4200 Master's graduate program in historic preservation  
University of Utah-Salt Lake City: MA, MS, PhD; U.S., Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Asia
Utah State University-Logan: MA, MS; America, American West, Europe, classical civilizations, world

Vanderbilt University, Nashville: MA, MAT, PhD; American intellectual, social, public policy, U.S. South, Britain, Europe, Latin America  
University of Vermont-Burlington: MA, MAT, MS; global, Europe, North America, Western hemisphere, Middle East and Africa, historic preservation
Villanova University-PA: MA; modern Europe, America, 20th c. world
University of Virginia-Charlottesville: MA, PhD; Europe, U.S., Latin America, Asia, Africa
Virginia Commonwealth University-Richmond: MA; America, modern Europe, African American, U.S. South, Virginia
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg: MA; America, U.S. South, science and technology

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University of Washington- Seattle: MA, PhD; U.S. and U.S. West, comparative, Asia, Europe, African American
Washington State University-Pullman: MA, PhD; U.S., public, early and modern Europe, modern East Asia, world
University of Washington-Tacoma: MAEd
Washington University-St. Louis, MO: AB/MA, MA, PhD; U.S., Britain, Europe, medieval, transnational
Wayne State University-Detroit: MA, Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration, PhD; U.S., Europe, labor, archival
West Chester University-PA: MA, MEd; America, early modern and modern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa
State University of West Georgia-Carrollton: MA; U.S., modern Europe, East and Southeast Asia, Latin America, public
West Virginia University-Morgantown: MA, PhD; U.S., Appalachia, modern Europe, modern East Africa
Western Carolina University-Cullowhee, NC: MA, MAEd, MAT; U.S., Europe, Latin America, Cherokee, Appalachia
Western Illinois University-Macomb: MA; U.S. and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Soviet Union, East Asia
Western Kentucky University-Bowling Green: MA; U.S. to 1865, recent U.S., Kentucky, modern Europe, military
Western Michigan University-Kalamazoo: both the Masters of Arts (MA) degree and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The program is known for special strengths in Public History, Medieval Europe, and many aspects of North American History & Ethnohistory.  
Western Washington University-Bellingham: MA; Europe, U.S. and western hemisphere, Africa and Middle East, East Asia, archives and records management
Wichita State University-KS, MA; U.S., public, ancient and medieval world, modern Europe
College of William and Mary-Williamsburg, VA: MA, PhD; early America and U.S., African American, Caribbean, women, Europe, Latin America, East Asia
William Paterson University-Wayne, NJ: MA; U.S., Europe and Russia, Latin America and Brazil, Japan, Middle East
Winthrop University-Rock Hill, SC: MA; U.S. South, early modern Europe, India, Middle East, Latin America
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: MA, MAT, MST; U.S. social, modern Britain, modern Europe, American Indian, quantitative
University of Wisconsin-Madison: MA, PhD; U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America
University of Wisconsin Department of Medical History and Bioethics-Madison: MA, PhD; American medicine and public health, European medicine and public health, women and health, race and medicine, medicine and religion
University of Wisconsin Department of the History of Science: MA, PhD; medieval and early modern science, biology, social science, physics, technology
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: MA, MA/MLIS, PhD (through Urban Studies program); Europe, America, urban, public, Third World
University of Wisconsin-Stephens Point: MS in Teaching; Europe, U.S., non-Western, East Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Native American
Wright State University - Dayton, OH: MA; America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, public
University of Wyoming, Laramie: MA, MAT; U.S. West, American Indian, Europe, Latin America, Asia

Yale University-New Haven, CT: MA, MPhil, PhD; America, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa
Youngstown State University-OH: MA; U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa, historic preservation

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