Activities for Majors

OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM: We are very interested in supporting group initiatives to bring majors together - if you have a suggestion for a new event, please send it

Some frequently asked questions:

What is the first History Department Event of the year?  The Fall Term Welcome Back Everyone Reception. Includes delicious refreshments and everyone is welcome.

When is the History Department Picnic?  It is usually the third Tuesday in May, on the Leighton lawn and 2nd floor Leighton. The department sends History majors a picnic sign-up note to choose your Hogan Brothers' hoagie Spring term. (This year - Tuesday, May 20th, 2014, 5 pm, Annual History Department Picnic - Rain or Shine!)

Are there any other special annual events with refreshments or lunches?

Are there any special events just for Seniors? 

What about a Department T-Shirt?  T-shirts & other department memorabilia are usually organized by one single enthusiastic History major or several majors who want one. Past History majors have created designs, planned, ordered, collected, & distributed department t-shirts, glasses and mugs. The History office is happy to forward your initiatives to majors and faculty and to serve as the pick-up location. Discuss any time with our SDAs and/or Nikki!

Do we have any History Department Intramural Teams?  Past majors have organized and captained History Department Intermural Broom Ball, Frisbee, and Bicycling teams. The History department office is happy to announce, publicize, post sign-up sheets, send e-mail reminders about games, and support as best as it can the team you organize, and will do all it can to help you if you choose to be a team captain or team leader.

Do we have any History Department social outings for majors?  Past majors have suggested and arranged fun outings for History majors - bowling night (w/college vans and pizza), bicycle outings, sledding/traying events on Evans Hill. Other fun outings: History Majors Hike in the Arb, a field trip to Nerstrand Big Woods, a History majors & faculty field trip to the Minnesota Historical Society, the Rice County Historical Society, the Northfield Historical Society, group bicycle trip to the Dundas Mill. If you want to plan an outing, please talk to the History SDAs and/or talk to Nikki.

Can I check out films from the David Parks Collection?  The History department David Parks Collection of DVDs and VHS tapes that can be checked out or be used for projects and presentations. Contact Nikki if you'd like to check out any materials.

History Book Exchange. In the past the department had extra shelves available for the exchange of books related to History courses. Changing space needs have made this impossible to maintain. But the Department would be happy to facilitate alternative events/approaches that would allow students to share, sell, or exchange textbooks relevant to History with others at Carleton. If you are interested, please contact Bill North or Nikki Lamberty to discuss your ideas.

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