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Online Language Resources:  Swedish-English/English-Swedish dictionary. Swedish Introductory Course developed at Lund University Centre for Languages and Literature. Free on iTunes. Online Swedish. Click on difficulty level “A” on the scale on the right side of the screen for the beginner’s course.


News: Swedish Newspaper. Swedish Newspaper. Swedish News in English.

Swedish Television & Radio SVT (Swedish Television) programs available online.  Debatt, Swedish television program featuring debates about current issues.  Swedish radio programs available online.  Tankesmedjan, a Swedish humorous radio program about news, current events and debates with a particular focus on domestic policy.


Swedish Literary and Cultural Resources:  Great online resource in English about all things Swedish, including culture, food, language and literature. Sweden’s official tourism and travel website.!start Selected Swedish classic literature available as free e-books. Swedish poetry.  Daily essay articles in Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish newspaper). Sweden’s largest publication for students.  Science & research magazine ”Forskning och Framsteg”.  National Geographic Sweden. Homepage of Astrid Lindgren, author of Swedish children’s books including Pippi Longstocking.  Homepage of the Nobel Prizes.

Internet Resources

Swedish Resources at the Language Center

  • We offer a variety of comprehensive self instruction language programs available by appointment at the Center.
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