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Not an official department or program, this heading is a dwelling place for interdisciplinary courses that do not fit comfortably into a single language or literature department.

Recent course offerings have included topics in comparative literature, literary theory, postmodern culture and cross-cultural studies.

Winter 2014

  • LCST 245: Introduction to Critical Methods: Structure, Gender, Culture

    What does it mean to interpret? What questions do we ask of texts and images, and how do we go about finding our answers? In this course we will examine a number of strategies for reading works (such as novels, stories, images, films), drawing on a variety of national traditions. Topics include rhetoric, translation, post-structuralism, cultural studies, and gender studies.

    6 credit; Arts and Literature, Writing Requirement, Literary/Artistic Analysis, Writing Requirement, International Studies; offered Winter 2014 · S. Carpenter