Foro Latinoamericano

~ Presenting the 2015 Foro Latinamericano ~

Food, Fusion and Place in Latin America

April 17-18, 2015


Food is no longer only about nutrition or flavor; today food is about sustainability, resilience, identity, creativity and opportunity. Latin America seems to be taking center stage in this movement, and the cuisines of countries like Peru and Mexico are making headlines in gourmet magazines and being touted as the way to bring culturally sensitive sustainable development to rural farmers and small business owners.

In the United States the Latin American diaspora is also asserting itself in new ways and actively using food as a way to rearticulate place, memory and identity in their new homelands. This year the Foro Latinoamericano plans to explore food movements among Latin Americans living in their ancestral lands or in the diaspora. The foro will bring experts to discuss some of the most innovative, unexpected, and even controversial ways in which food is being articulated, performed and enacted in contemporary Latin America.

We hope that in the process we will find answers to the following questions: Why does food elicit the support of such a wide range of people, from farmers, to chefs, to consumers? Are food movements in Latin America delivering sustainability and progress? What are some of the challenges and opportunities encountered? And finally, what does the new food movement say about what it is to be Latin American at home and abroad?

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