Foro Latinoamericano

~ Presenting the 2014 Foro Latinamericano ~

The Politics of Memory and Forgetting in Latin America

April 25-26, 2014


Many years after the end of the wave of South American Dictatorships and Central American wars, the culture of impunity persists and the quest for justice continues in Latin America. Forty years have passed since the Chilean coup and the struggle to remember and to end impunity is bearing fruits: the unprecedented trial against Guatemalan General Ríos Montt for genocide, the sentencing of the Salvadoran war criminal Colonel Montano for making false statements in immigration papers upon entering the United States are examples of the importance of remembering.  In this year’s Foro, our speakers will help us understand how different social actors in different historical, cultural, and political contexts make sense of past political violence in different countries in the region.  We will explore how postwar and postdictatorship societies create meaning through their quests for justice, truth commissions, memorials, commemorations, and creative cultural practices such as film and literature. 

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