Guide for New Students: Hebrew


Contact: Professor Stacy Beckwith

Think beyond the Bible! Modern Hebrew is vital in many professional fields besides religion, international relations, history, and archaeology. Hebrew is perfect for students who like logic and/or are seeking to study a language with many intriguing historical and cultural layers. Students can fulfill their general language requirement with Hebrew.

Can I major in it? Currently, no major or concentration is offered.

Topics explored: Israeli history, literature and society through popular Israeli music, radio and television programs, films, and Hebrew texts ranging from newspaper, to fiction, to memoir; Jewish history and folklore around the Mediterranean.

How to get started: For students who are interested in starting Hebrew, begin by enrolling in Hebrew 101 in winter term. To begin learning about Israeli and Palestinian sociocultural relations, students are encouraged to enroll in the A&I seminar, HEBR 100: Personal and National Identity in Israeli and Palestinian Literature.