Current Majors


Mikyla Carpenter ’16 (Double Major with Mathematics)

Hometown: Eagan, MN
Comps Topic: Humor in Haydn's music.
Musical Interests: I play the trombone, violin, and mandolin, and participate in Carleton ensembles. I enjoy attending musical events, listening to music and getting goosebumps, and learning about music history and theory.
Other Interests & Activities:
Problem solving, reading, rock climbing, dessert, kitties, kittens, cats, pretty things, hey look a kitty, and adoring my lovely friends and classmates!

Benjamin Nicla ’16 (Double Major with Economics)

Hometown: Suamico, WI
Comps Topic: A research paper on pedagogical piano compositions in the first half of the 20th century.
Musical Interests: Lately? Hmm... Vulfpeck, Ligeti, Frank Ocean, Scale the Summit, Bartók, Justin Timberlake, Snarky Puppy, etc… anything that grooves….
Other Interests & Activities: Video Gaming, Economics (Primarily insurance/risk management).

Dylan Payne ’16

Hometown: Vashon Island, WA
Comps Topic: Composing an original piano quartet modeled on the music of Joe Hisaishi
Musical Interests: French impressionist composers Satie and Debussy, Stravinsky, Kaija Saariaho, Devotional Records
Other Interests & Activities: Soccer, hockey, Frisbee and reading.

Agnes Tse ’16 (Double Major with Economics)

Hometown: Hong Kong
Comps Topic:
Performance comps on Frauenliebe und Leben by Robert Schumann
Musical Interests:
Singing all kinds of music ranging from baroque to classical to musical to jazz to pop. I also play piano, Jazz piano, classical guitar, and Guzheng.
Other Interests & Activities:
Campus tour guide, Project Friendship (mentorship program), Mustard Seed (Christian worship group on campus), Chinese painting, photography, culinary, fashion, blogging, and Economics.




Yang Chen ’17

Hometown: Denton, Texas
Comps Topic:
A composition or performance Comps
Musical Interests:
I play predominantly the violin, but I also play some piano and the erhu. I like classical music (mostly romantic like Chopin) and Mandopop music.
Other Interests & Activities:
I like to draw, write stories, play computer games, tennis (once in a while), and Dance Dance Revolution (yes! I challenge you!) I travel occasionally back to my hometown in Taipei, Taiwan. You'll most likely find me asleep in the MRC.

Caroline Glazer '17 (Double Major with Linguistics)

Hometown: Woodside, CA
Comps Topic:
Musical Interests:
1930s-60s American folk music, 1960s-70s rock, bluegrass and old-time music, Irish and Scottish fiddle, Brazilian choro mandolin
Other Interests & Activities:
rock climbing, running, cooking, cheese making, linguistics

Molly Hildreth ’17

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Comps Topic:
I am interested in the spread of Irish folk music to places outside of Ireland and how the musical tradition evolves in those places.
Musical Interests:
I play flute in the orchestra and am a member of Carleton's Handbell Ensemble. I also play traditional Irish flute and tin whistle.
Other Interests & Activities:
I love literature, writing, and the outdoors! I also tutor elementary school students and am interested in education. 

Joe Lowry ’17

Hometown: Watertown, MA
Comps Topic:
Unsure, possibly musicology paper
Musical Interests:
Everything really.  I like rock, jazz, blues, folk, classical, and early music.  I mainly play piano and sing, but I also play clarinet, and a little bit of alto saxophone and drums.  And more instruments soon, I hope.
Other Interests & Activities:
I'm also a history major and a MARS (medieval and Renaissance studies) concentrator.  I love travel, reading, history, adventures, and getting lost. 

Josh Ruebeck ’17 (Double Major with Physics)

Hometown: Easton, PA
Comps Topic:
Composition (probably choral)
Musical Interests:
Choral music, 60s/70s rock & folk, bluegrass/newgrass, barbershop, art song, doo-wop, whatever.
Other Interests & Activities:
Rock climbing (especially bouldering), swing dance (Lindy Hop/Charleston), physics (theoretical quantum/particle stuff)

Kaylee Shiao ’17 (Double Major with Biology)

Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Comps Topic: Folk Music and Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement (?!)
Musical Interests: The Knightingales(!), piano, waking up to music, lots of terrible string playing, people who fingerpick the acoustic guitar, headbanging to indie folk rock, listening to birds sing.
Other Interests & Activities: Panicking around insects, biology/medicine, not exercising, foreign languages, writing, talking, eating. 

Andy Tirro ’17

Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Comps Topic: Composition
Musical interests: I especially love soundtracks and incidental music. Composing, playing piano, Brad Mehldau, Elliot Smith, Danny Elfman, Wagner, and too many others to name. My favorite orchestra section is woodwinds, minor > major, romantic > classical, and le > ti > fi > si > all other notes.
Other Interests & Activities: Watching anime, contemplating a double major with German, being too serious, searching for good video games, waiting for the next Patrick Rothfuss book, worrying, and making contingency plans.