Current Majors


Stella Fritzell ’15 Stella Fritzell(Double Major with Classical Studies)

Hometown: Ames, IA
Comps Topic: “Music as a Formative Element: The Greek Modes and Plato”  - a series of short compositions and paper.
Musical Interests: My first instrument was the cello, but I stopped playing  when my mother told me that I had to pick two of the three musical offerings at our elementary school – I ultimately chose band and choir. Currently I play trombone in the Carleton Orchestra and occasionally in the Carleton Symphonic Band. In addition to trombone performance, my musical interests include music theory, ancient and medieval music, and ethnomusicology.
Other Interests & Activities: My other interests/activities include: Equestrian Club, Aikido, Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance, Classical Studies, Education, Greek, ancient military history, foreign languages, theater, comics, movies, and sleeping. 

Matthew JorizzoMatt Jorizzo ’15

Hometown: Medford, OH
Comps Topic:
R&B covers of Folk and Rock songs during the 1970s.
Musical Interests:
Popular Music, Jazz, Musicology, Music History, Electric Bass, Record Collecting.
Other Interests & Activities:
The Sciences, Journalism, Photography, Farming, and Cooking.

Joe SoonthornsawadJoe Soonthornsawad '15 (Double Major with Sociology & Anthropology)

Hometown: West Chester, OH
Comps Topic: “The Sounds of Citizenship: Hybridity and Identity in Indian-American Music”
Musical Interests: Music of American immigrant populations, improvisation, popular music studies, jazz studies, jazz piano, and lots of listening and concert-going  
Other Interests & Activities: Sociology & Anthropology, tennis, squash, KRLX, and student bands.

Will SturmanWill Sturman ‘15

Hometown: Most recently, Irvine, CA
Comps Topic: Research paper concerning filk music.
Musical Interests: Oboe, singing, folk music, filk music, wind band music, video game music, film music, various pop sorts of things, and not practicing or making reeds.
Other Interests & Activities: Sewing. A lot. Too much. Costumes, mostly. Mostly for other people. Seriously, if anybody wants a cloak or a corset or a Batsuit or a dress for Winter Formal based on a Disney princess, let me know. Also, computer games, Assassins, D&D, karate, cats, and superhero angst.



Christopher BickelChristopher Bickel '15

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
Comps Topic: 15-minute composition in 3 parts inspired by Freud with an olfactory element.
Musical Interests: I have played the Bb clarinet for 10 years, the A for 3, Bass for 4, and the Eb for 3. I play in Carleton ensembles every year as well as take lessons with the clarinet. I am particularly fond of the music and art made in and around the Modern Era (~1890 to ~1930). I’m interested in classically inspired alternative bands, such as, The Dirty Projectors, Arcade Fire, and Tuneyards. Otherwise, my interests lie in the integration of olfactive components to musical compositions.
Other Interests & Activities:
   I am very interested in perfumery and the process of olfaction and how it imparts emotional depth to any given scene, interested in it enough to aspire to become a perfumer. I also love TV shows such as Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks, Strangers With Candy, etc.

Mikyla Carpenter ’16 (Double Major with Mathematics)

Hometown: Eagan, MN
Comps Topic: Perhaps something interdisciplinary related to math.
Musical Interests: I play the trombone, violin, and mandolin, and participate in Carleton’s jazz and symphony bands. I enjoy attending orchestra concerts, musical theater, and operas, listening to music and getting goosebumps, and learning about music history and theory, music in other cultures, and how music affects the brain.
Other Interests & Activities: Problem solving, reading, rock climbing, dessert, kitties, kittens, cats, pretty things, hey look a kitty, and adoring my lovely friends and classmates!

Ben NiclaBenjamin Nicla ’16 (Double Major with Economics)

Hometown: Suamico, WI
Comps Topic: Probably a paper, but a jazz/fusion composition would be cool (Think Snarky Puppy-ish).
Musical Interests: R&B, Fusion, Progressive Rock/Metal, Jazz, Bluegrass, Bartók, Justin Timberlake, etc… anything that grooves….
Other Interests & Activities: Video Gaming, Track and Field, Economics (lately: insurance/risk management).

Dylan PayneDylan Payne ’16

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Comps Topic: Unknown
Musical Interests: Dylan plays guitar and piano and wants to become a producer.
Other Interests & Activities: In his free time Dylan plays soccer, hockey, and Frisbee and reads.

Agnes TseAgnes Tse ’16 (Double Major with Economics)

Hometown: Hong Kong
Comps Topic: I may perform or write a paper about religious music!
Musical Interests: I really love to sing. I sing all genres, including Baroque, Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Pop… This summer (2014) I formed a band in Hong Kong to perform all my favorite songs, and celebrate my 20th birthday! On Campus, I sing in One Knight Stand cabaret, Mustard Seed worship band, and Carleton Choir. I am also learning Jazz piano, and classical guitar. Before coming to Carleton, I had also played a Chinese instrument called Guzheng for 10 years. I love all kinds of music. My goal when I was a freshman was to attend all concerts on the Music@Carleton schedule. I think I only missed one in the end.
Other Interests & Activities: I am also a Campus tour guide, a Project Friendship mentor of a 10 year-old girl, and an Economics major. Besides, I am interested in Chinese painting, photography, culinary, architecture, fashion, and blogging. Let me know if you are interested in my blogs!