Private Lesson Placement

Private Lessons

Please see the Music Lesson page for more information on lessons offered.

In order to finalize your registration for private music lessons, the Music Lesson Schedule must be filled out and submitted to your instructor. Be sure to include all information to help schedule your lesson.  Your lesson time will be scheduled so as not to conflict with your registered and wait-listed classes.  You may also include your work schedules, sports, etc. and your instructor will try to avoid these times, although it may sometimes be necessary to change work schedules.

Students interested in strings (5+ years of private study), piano (4+ years of private study) or voice need to audition or make a placement appointment. Students with fewer than 5 years of string experience or fewer than 4 years of piano experience may sign up for 1-credit lessons (Music 155, 155J, 156, 156J or 150, 150J respectively) without a placement audition.

The comprehensive fee of Carleton does not include the cost of private lessons, and special fees are charged as described elsewhere.  Students interested in requesting financial assistance to help with music lessons should contact Student Financial Services.

Placement Auditions/Interviews for Private Lessons

Private String Lesson Placement

  • Sunday, Sept. 11, 12:00-4:00 pm, Music Hall 212

Students who have studied a violin, viola, cello, or a string bass for five or more years should sign up for a placement appointment time outside the door of Music Hall 212.

Private Piano Lesson Placement

  • Thursday, Sept. 8, 12:00-1:30 pm; 4:00-5:30pm, Music Hall 313

Beginning through advanced students may register for private lessons; those who have studied piano for four or more years and plan to continue their studies at Carleton at any point should sign up for a placement appointment time outside the door of Music Hall 313.