Music Theory Placement Exam

If you are interested in taking music theory or composition, you should take the Music Theory Placement Exam, Monday, September 14, 8:30-9:20 a.m., Music Hall Room 103. (This exam will take place during the first class meeting of Music Theory I.) Results of this Exam will determine if you need to take Music Theory I (200) or if you place into Music Theory II (201).

The exam will include:

  • Advanced keys and clefs
  • Spelling and identifying written intervals, triads, and 7th chords
  • Elementary part writing
  • Analysis of a short phrase for cadences and harmonies
  • Aural identification of intervals, chords, and a short harmonic progression
  • A brief melodic dictation excerpt

Students who have scored a 4 or 5 on the AP Music Theory Exam are automatically exempted from Music Theory I (200) and need not take the Placement Exam.

For first-year students considering a major in music:

MUSC 200 is a prerequisite for subsequent music theory classes, and students may take MUSC 200 in the fall and continue with the music theory sequence (MUSC 201-202) during the winter and spring terms if desired.  Taking these courses during the sophomore year is also encouraged.  MUSC 201 and 202 are required for the music major but are also open to all interested students.