Applied Music (Music Lessons)

Private study of an instrument or voice is available to all students for academic credit.  Students may enroll in courses in applied music for one credit (nine individual half-hour lessons per term, which requires a minimum of one hour of practice daily) or for two credits (nine individual hour lessons per term, which requires a minimum of two hours of practice daily). Permission of the instructor is required for registration of two credit lessons. A master class of one hour a week is required for some applied music courses, and consists of the performance of music and discussion of technical and aesthetic problems involved in interpretation. Recital performances are at the discretion of the instructor. Information and Guidelines for Applied Music Study are on the right side of this page. Financial aid is also available for applied music.  Click here for more information about the "Request for Assistance with Music Lessons."

There are two registration options each for half-hour Music lessons (the MUSC 1xx courses) or for hour Music lessons (the MUSC 2xx courses):

• First option:  a one-credit course (MUSC 1xx) or a two-credit course (MUSC 2xx) that is mandatory S/CR/NC and fulfills the Arts Practice Requirement (ARP). Students may continue with lessons even if they have satisfied the ARP requirement. 

Juried Lessons (“J” courses) 
• Second option:  a one-credit course (MUSC 1xxJ) or a two-credit course (MUSC 2xxJ) that carry a “J” designation at the end of the course number (e.g. for piano, MUSC 150J or MUSC 250J).  The "J" Juried courses will receive a letter grade, and will fulfill the Arts Practice Requirement (ARP).  Students may continue with Juried lessons even if they have satisfied the ARP requirement.  As with any other class, students may elect to S/CR/NC these classes, in which case, these S/CR/NC credits count toward their 30-credit maximum allowed during a student's time at Carleton.

Students are encouraged to discuss which type of lesson (Juried or Non-Juried) with their instructors.  There is no special audition process for Juried lessons.

What is a Jury?  All "J" (Juried) courses will include a five to ten minute performance (Jury) normally held ninth week through Exam Days.  The choice of repertoire and learning goals for the Jury will be decided by the primary applied music instructor in consultation with the student.  The Jury will be assessed by the student's applied music instructor working in partnership with one other faculty member.  Together, they will provide each student with constructive feedback, which will normally include written comments, about their Jury performance.  Of primary importance in assessing the Jury performance will be the level of engagement with and quality of preparation of the music performed, rather than the difficulty of the repertoire.  Students will not be judged in comparison with other students.  A recital, if presented in the second half of the term, may substitute for a Jury. The final course grade for Juried lessons will continue to be the decision of the primary instructor. 

Lessons might not be taught during Mid-Term Break; check with your instructor. 

Registration and Fees:

Registration for applied music must be included in the student's official registration. The comprehensive fee does not include the cost of private instruction, the fees for which are described in the Academic Catalog and the Schedule of Classes. The full-term fee will be charged if the student is enrolled after the Drop/Add period. Fees are not refundable for late drops except when a late drop is made for medical reasons or in similar emergency situations. In such cases, the student must consult with the Music Department. For Juried lessons, the S/Cr/NC form should be filled out if you prefer that to a letter grade for individual lessons.