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OCS Photo Gallery

  • Fred


    Professor Fred Hagstrom approaching the summit of the long Tongariro crossing hike. Mt. Ngauruhoe (aka Mt. Doom) looms in the background.

    Location: Tongariro National Park

    Program: Carleton Studio Art in the South Pacific

    Photo: Zach Montes '10
  • Window to a City

    Window to a City

    I saw this view through an open window at a church on the Mount of Olives; the framing of the cross, the golden Dome of the Rock, and the urban sprawl behind them made me think of the many ways in which space and belonging are contested in this ancient city.

    Location: Jerusalem

    Program: AMIDEAST Semester in Amman, Jordan

    Photo: Francesca N. Chubb-Confer '11
  • Fisherman Pulling in Net

    Fisherman Pulling in Net

    A fisherman on Inle Lake, in central Burma. The people of Inle Lake live in stilt houses over the water, and spend most of there lives in wooden canoes on the lake.

    Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar

    Program: Carleton Political Economy Seminar in Beijing

    Photo: Nathan M. Kohlenberg '11
  • Temple of Poseidon

    Temple of Poseidon

    The ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon on the coast of Greece. Ships returning to Athens would make their first stop here to thank the god for a safe return. Mothers and wives would also watch out for incoming ships from the top of this hill.

    Location: Outside Athens, Greece

    Program: John Felice Rome Center

    Photo: Lauren J. Millikan '11
  • Gas Station Camel Rides

    Gas Station Camel Rides

    On our way to the Dead Sea, we stopped at a gas station to find people offering camel rides for a few shekels.

    Location: West Bank, Israel

    Program: Carleton Winter Break Program: Faith and Fiction - Exploring Israeli National Identity

    Photo: Jamie E. Haas '10
  • Checkmate


    During my week vacation from my off campus study program, I had a chance to travel to Salzburg, a city mostly known for the place where the movie "The Sound of Music(1965)" was shot. There I saw these people playing Chess with a giant board.

    Location: Salzburg, Austria

    Program: Carleton CAMS New Media Studies in NYC & Europe

    Photo: Hyo Kim '11
  • Skipping Stones

    Skipping Stones

    While returning to Ulan-Ude from an Old Believer settlement in southern Siberia, the engine of our van overheated. We were sent down to the river to gather water to cool the engine, but spent most of our time skipping stones on the river.

    Location: Along a river near Ulan-Ude, Russia

    Program: Carleton Russian Language and Culture Seminar in Moscow, Russia

    Photo: Brian L. Kilgour '11
  • Mist Steps

    Mist Steps

    In the early morning, I found this mesmerizing landscape of rice terraces blanketed in fog. The cool climate of Sapa, located in the mountains of northern Vietnam, make it a popular destination for Hanoi residents to escape the scorching summers of Vietnam.

    Location: Sapa, Vietnam

    Program: Initiative for Service Internships in International Development

    Photo: Anh P. Nguyen '10
  • nopal y volcán

    nopal y volcán

    The contrast of the cactus field and the volcano really struck me. I took this while searching for a place to picnic one sunny Saturday.

    Location: Cholula, Mexico

    Program: Carleton Spanish Seminar in Mexico

    Photo: Becca Litwin '12
  • Untitled


    The Siddhartha School kindergarten class waits for lunch.

    Location: Ladakh, India

    Program: Initiative for Service Internships in International Development

    Photo: Myla C. Fay '11
  • Daily Commute

    Daily Commute

    The locals in Venice deal with canals on a regular basis. Here is a gondola of people crossing the Grand Canal. The tourists are the nervous seated people, while the Venetians casually stand -- disinterested in the frigid Italian waters on this winter afternoon.

    Location: Venice, Italy

    Program: ACM Florence and London: Arts in Context

    Photo: Conrad P. Dean '11
  • Blank Stare

    Blank Stare

    A blue footed booby wondering why 16 of those creatures are staring at it.

    Location: North Seymour Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    Program: Carleton Winter Break Program: Animal Behavior in the Galapagos

    Photo: Sean F. Roberts '12