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Carleton Seminars

The Regulars

"The Regulars" by Julia Gold '10, Spanish Seminar in Madrid

Interested in leading a Carleton Seminar in 2015-2016?

The Off-Campus Studies Committee would like to work with faculty who wish to propose off-campus seminars or winter break trips for the academic year 2015-2016. Proposals should come from full-time faculty members who have the support of their departments and continuing contracts with the College through the year that the programs are offered. 

The OCS Committee is charged with approving a well-balanced calendar. Because of overall college calendar considerations, we would like to strongly encourage that new Carleton seminars be offered in the winter or summer terms. Please keep in mind that students who participate in summer seminars are required to take the winter or spring term off. For faculty directors, an OCS seminar term always counts as a two-course load. Depending on the program’s structure and pedagogy, the faculty director may choose to teach one, two, or all courses within the seminar. These options can be discussed with OCS staff during the seminar-planning process.

This early notice gives the Committee an opportunity to look ahead in its planning and provide advice before you devote time to designing your seminar. If you are interested in proposing an off-campus program for 2015-2016, please complete the attached forms, and return it to Off-Campus Studies, Leighton 119, no later than Friday, January 17, 2014.

Please discuss your plans with your department colleagues and chair. Provide your department chair with a copy of the completed proposal, and ask her/him to complete the Chair Endorsement Form. Upon receipt of these materials, the Committee will get back to you with questions and/or directions to complete the program proposal process.

Members of the Committee welcome questions on any part of this process.

Off-Campus Studies Committee:

Joe Baggot
Helena Kaufman
George Shuffelton  
Clint Cowan Yaron Klein
Barbara Fowler
Diane Nemec-Ignashev