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Travel Assistance & Health Insurance

SOS Travel Assistance

All students on Carleton programs receive international medical, security, and travel assistance coverage through International SOS. International SOS is not an insurance product.  It provides referrals, covers medical emergency evacuation, medically supervised repatriation, security evacuation assistance, lost document advice, legal referrals, and other important services.  This coverage is valid for the duration of the program plus one week before and after.

Health Insurance

You are responsible for carrying your own health insurance to cover your routine medical expenses abroad. Check with your US health insurance company (Carleton insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, UnitedHealth, etc.) to see if you are covered overseas and to what extent. For example, are services provided overseas in-network or out-of network? Many insurance companies have international networks and you are responsible for knowing which hospitals are in your network. Does your insurance company have billing agreements with certain hospitals abroad, or do you need to retain your receipts and file a claim with your insurance provider when you return home to obtain reimbursement?  What is the deductible? Do you need to call your insurance company before being treated at a foreign hospital or clinic?

If your US health insurance does not cover you abroad, or if you determine that the coverage is inadequate, you can purchase a separate travel health insurance policy for the time you are abroad. These policies typically have a low deductible and pay for most medical expenses incurred abroad. They do not cover medical costs in the US, so you will need to maintain your US insurance during your travels. Three well-regarded companies that provide travel health insurance policies for students are: CISI InternationalHTH Worldwide, and iNext.

For non-Carleton programs, check with the program provider to see what insurance/travel assistance is included and/or recommended. If you are required to purchase your own insurance or determine that the coverage is inadequate, you may buy an international policy through iNext, CISI, or HTH Worldwide as described above.