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For Parents

Carleton College has a long and rich history of sending undergraduates abroad as part of their liberal arts education. We are proud of the breadth and depth of off-campus programming we are able to offer through our own programs as well as through working with partners around the world. The Off-Campus Studies office, along with many offices and academic departments on campus, works hard to make sure that every Carleton student who considers off-campus study receives excellent advising, and those that choose to participate in a program have a rich and life-changing experience that challenges them as individuals and enhances their academic progress on campus.

As parents, you are likely to be intimately involved in your son or daughter’s off-campus experience from the initial planning phases through supporting them from afar when they are on-site, to welcoming them home upon completion of their program. Without your support, both emotional and financial, off-campus study would not be feasible for most students. While most of the content on our website is directed toward students, we encourage you to browse the pages and related links to familiarize yourself with all of the options available to students. We also encourage you to talk with your student about their thoughts and concerns around off-campus study, and if necessary, to contact our office with your questions or concerns.

Students’ health, safety, and security are of utmost importance to us, and we take a number of measures to manage the risk inherent in any off-campus program. When your student confirms their participation on a program, we will inform you of those specific measures and answer any questions you may have. We also encourage you to visit the following websites to learn more about study abroad in general, and health and safety while abroad, in particular. Thank you for your support of off-campus study, and be sure to contact us if you do not find the information you need on our website.

General Information

Advice for Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Reentry Handbook

Study Abroad, a Parent's Guide, by William Hoffa, NAFSA, 1998

Learning Abroad Center, Resources for Parents