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Nanzan University in Japan

THE NANZAN SCHOOLS are located in the rolling hills overlooking metropolitan Nagoya and in the nearby cities of Toyota and Seto on the outskirts of Nagoya. NANZAN GAKUEN is an educational complex consisting of the university and its research institutes and study centers, a women's junior college, three high schools and a primary school. The gist of Nanzan University's education is expressed in the motto common to all Nanzan educational institutions: "Hominis Dignitati―for the dignity of all human beings." While all undergraduate and graduate programs have required courses on religion, Christianity, or ethics, promoting the objectives and character of Nanzan as a Catholic university transcends these specific courses on religious and moral values: the spirit of "Hominis Dignitati," shared by faculty members and students alike, serves as the common ground for education and research at Nanzan University. Academic excellence is defined by a focus on personal growth and communal service.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, Japanese, ReligionAsia and Oceania Fall, Winter/Spring

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