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Middlebury Arabic and Culture in Jordan

Seven surrounding hills, known as jabals, helped shaped the city. Amman is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world having been home to a multitude of civilizations over the years - the Ammonites, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Nabateans and Romans, Byzantines and Umayyad Arabs. Local faculty from the University of Jordan are hired to teach classes specifically designed for program participants in advanced language, culture, and civilization. All students take a combination of language and content courses; Modern Standard Arabic (6 hours per week), Jordanian Colloquial Arabic (4 hours per week), and two electives courses on Jordanian and Middle Eastern culture, religion, or politics. All classes engage students in a variety language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). More detailed course information can be found in the Course Descriptions in the left-hand menu.
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ArabicEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring

Middlebury Arabic in Egypt

Pleasantly situated along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria is a popular travel destination for Egyptians, writers, and foreigners alike. Founded by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C., Alexandria’s roots began with the Greeks. The Pharos, Alexandria’s lighthouse, is one of the wonders of the Ancient World.
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ArabicAfrica Fall, Winter/Spring

Middlebury Chinese Language and Culture

he C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in China, in cooperation with CET Academic Programs, offers immersion opportunities in the language and culture in three distinct locations: Beijing, Hangzhou, and Kunming. Intended for students with an intermediate to advanced level of Chinese language, the program structure, including housing with Chinese roommates, is designed to expose students to an environment that will build upon their foundation of Chinese while rapidly increasing their knowledge of the language and culture.
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ChineseAsia and Oceania Fall, Winter/Spring

Middlebury French Language in Cameroon

Intended for students with advanced French language skills, the Middlebury program in Cameroon enables students to increase their language abilities through housing and interaction with native speakers. Whether spending time with house mates, in classes, or in the city, students use their language in a very real immersion environment.
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French and Francophone StudiesAfrica Fall, Winter/Spring

Middlebury French Language in France

Designed for students at an advanced level of French, the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in France provides opportunities to experience French culture in one of three locations: Bordeaux - a larger city with a rich culinary and wine growing tradition; Paris - the cosmopolitan capital at the heart of France; and Poitiers- a quintessential French town with a strong university and student culture.
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French and Francophone StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring

Middlebury Hebrew and Israeli/Middle Eastern Studies in Israel

The Brandeis University/Middlebury Program in Israel is the first and only full Hebrew language immersion program in Israel. In addition to Hebrew instruction and content-courses, students have various internship or volunteer opportunities from which to choose. The program location at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev provides an effective and authentic immersion experience.
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Hebrew, Judaic StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring

Middlebury in Moscow

During their first semester at the School in Russia, participants take five courses. For most students, this consists of: advanced Russian grammar, speech practice, phonetics, choice of one спецкурс in literature, history or politics and Russian culture & civilization. All courses are taught in Russian and are exclusive to School in Russia participants. Full-year students are required to take at least one regular university course during the spring semester and are strongly encouraged to substitute more than one regular university course for language classes, as full-time Middlebury students will do. Following successful completion of these courses in the first semester, full-year participants are given the option of taking more specialized language courses in the spring. For language courses, students are divided into language-level groups based on the results of a language placement test given prior to arrival in Russia, and on the results of interviews and testing which takes place on site, in Russia.
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RussianEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

MIddlebury Schools in Latin America

Intended for students with an advanced proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese, the direct enrollment structure of the School in Latin America provides students with the opportunity to increase their language abilities through constant interaction with native speakers. Whether spending time with local students in their classes, their colleagues at an internship placement, or in their homestays, students use their language in a very real immersion environment. Students enroll directly at one of twenty universities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, taking courses in Spanish or Portuguese in fields from Political Science to Public Health. With a diversity of choices in cities as cosmopolitan and international as Buenos Aires, or the regionally unique Valdivia in Southern Chile, students choose their location based upon their academic and personal goals and interests.
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Portuguese, SpanishLatin America Fall, Winter/Spring

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