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Antioch Brazil: Brazilian Ecosystems

Study, intern, and immerse yourself in biodiversity conservation with field specialists throughout Brazil, while exploring developments in environmental problem-solving. You'll spend 3 months in Brazil visiting nine different sites in six different states, while completing 4 courses and earning 16 undergraduate semester credits. You'll have hands-on, experiential learning in the Amazon, Atlantic Coastal Forest, subtropical forests, cerrado (savannah), and wetland environments. Work in a field internship that fits your area of interest. Study resource management and biodiversity issues with Brazilian scientists and activists and immerse yourself in local conservation issues in a small group.
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Environmental and Technology Studies, Marine EcologyLatin America Fall

Frontiers Abroad: Earth Systems in New Zealand

The Earth Systems programme analyzes current environmental issues arising from the interface between nature and society. The five-week field camp begins on the beaches and coral reefs of Rarotonga (Cook Islands) studying marine and coastal ecology. The programme then transitions to mainland New Zealand to study geothermal energy, kaitiakitanga, and learn environmental field techniques (water sampling, Ground Penetrating Radar, VibraCore). Earth Systems students can choose to attend the University of Auckland or the University of Canterbury, where they enroll in four courses, one of which is a research methods course based upon data collected in field camp.four courses, one of which is a research methods course based upon data collected in field camp.
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Environmental and Technology Studies, Geology, Marine EcologyAsia and Oceania Winter/Spring

SEA Semester

By coming to SEA, you can get a semester’s credit for a 12-week program that takes place half on shore and half at sea. Our interdisciplinary program begins in Woods Hole, one of the world’s great centers for ocean research. Here you will study the chemistry, biology, physics, and geology of the oceans and you will design your own research project that you will carry out at sea. You will learn the history and culture of mariners who for centuries have gone to sea, an ancient tradition that you will join. You will discuss the major policy issues that will be tomorrow’s headlines. And you will learn what it requires to take a vessel under sail safely to the deep ocean and to international ports.
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Environmental and Technology Studies, Geology, Marine Biology, Marine EcologyUnited States and Canada Fall, Winter, Winter/Spring, Spring, Summer

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