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ACM/GLCA Japan: Japan Study

Japan Study enables students to become international citizens as they explore Japan in depth, build language skills, and experience Japanese culture. Living with a Japanese family, taking courses at Waseda University, and participating in a cultural practicum/internship offer different windows for experiencing and understanding the complex society of contemporary Japan.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, JapaneseAsia and Oceania Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

Associated Kyoto Program

The Associated Kyoto Program is a two-semester study abroad program at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, sponsored by a consortium of sixteen American colleges and universities. The Program maintains high academic standards and dedication to a sound liberal education for which its sponsoring institutions are known. Approximately 40 students are accepted each year to study the Japanese language intensively and take courses in English on Japan, mainly in the humanities and social sciences. AKP is a full academic-year program, running from September through April. AKP students tend to realize the greatest benefits and make the most significant progress in the second semester, after they have begun to adjust to Japanese customs and achieved some fluency in the language.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, JapaneseAsia and Oceania Full Academic Year

CIEE Tokyo: Summer Japanese Studies

The Summer Program CIEE Study Center at Sophia University is designed to provide students with a supportive learning environment while students attend two courses at the Summer Session for Asian Studies at Sophia University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts. This program is ideal for students that wish to learn about Japanese culture, language, and society during a one month period while living in Asia’s most dynamic cities.
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JapaneseAsia and Oceania Summer

GlobalLinks - Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

APU offers a dual language education in Japanese and English, with most academic subjects given in both languages. This bilingual education system means no prior Japanese language experience is required for admission. APU’s international student body and teaching faculty are dedicated to fostering greater understanding of the Asia Pacific region among the peoples of the world, continuing to attract attention as the standard bearer of international education in Japan. APU’s campus is located on a hill with stunning views over the township of Beppu and its picturesque bay. Beppu, famous as Japan’s leading hot spring resort, is proud of its small-town atmosphere and tradition of hospitality to visitors and new residents from around the world.
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Asian Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Development Studies, East Asian Studies, European Studies, International Relations, Japanese, Political Economy, Political ScienceAsia and Oceania Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Spring

IES Japan: Nagoya

The large, thriving, modern city of Nagoya is the gateway to the vast beauty and culture of central Japan. It is one of Japan's major cities and an important industrial and cultural center. Its rich natural environment provides the backdrop for scenic areas such as Ise Bay, Nobi Plain, and the Kiso River. Nagoya Castle, originally built in 1612, Atsuta Shrine, and the Tokugawa Art Museum are among the city's many famous attractions that draw visitors from around the world. Nanzan University, site of the IES Abroad Nagoya Program, is a distinguished private university on a wooded campus on a hill above Nagoya.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, Japanese, Studio ArtAsia and Oceania Full Academic Year, Fall, Winter/Spring

IES Japan: Tokyo

Tokyo is a modern city of wonderful contrasts. Its dignified temples and shrines stand quietly in the shadows of massive skyscrapers. Tokyo's modernity and fast pace are somehow subdued by the serene charm of its many parks and the quiet courtesy of its people. Both energetic and graceful, Tokyo is a gateway to the fascinating culture of Japan. You can experience everything Tokyo has to offer through one of our unique programs.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, JapaneseAsia and Oceania Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer

Kansai Gaidai in Japan

The Curriculum of the Asian Studies Program is twofold; the rigorous Japanese language studies and courses in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Business/Economics pertinent to Japan and Asia make it possible for participants to approach a wide array of study areas during their stay in Japan. While Japanese language instruction plays a key role in our program, we are by no means a language-training institute. For this reason, the structure of the program may not necessarily accommodate the needs of those students whose primary interest lies solely on acquisition of the Japanese language. Since all courses in the Asian Studies Program, aside from those focusing on the Japanese language, are conducted in English, it is possible for students with no previous Japanese training to pursue an in-depth study of Japan and Asia.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, JapaneseAsia and Oceania Fall, Winter/Spring

Nanzan University in Japan

THE NANZAN SCHOOLS are located in the rolling hills overlooking metropolitan Nagoya and in the nearby cities of Toyota and Seto on the outskirts of Nagoya. NANZAN GAKUEN is an educational complex consisting of the university and its research institutes and study centers, a women's junior college, three high schools and a primary school. The gist of Nanzan University's education is expressed in the motto common to all Nanzan educational institutions: "Hominis Dignitati―for the dignity of all human beings." While all undergraduate and graduate programs have required courses on religion, Christianity, or ethics, promoting the objectives and character of Nanzan as a Catholic university transcends these specific courses on religious and moral values: the spirit of "Hominis Dignitati," shared by faculty members and students alike, serves as the common ground for education and research at Nanzan University. Academic excellence is defined by a focus on personal growth and communal service.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, Japanese, ReligionAsia and Oceania Fall, Winter/Spring

Waseda Oregon Summer Japanese Program

The Waseda Summer Japanese Program offers 12-15 quarter credits (8-10 semester credits) of Japanese language in six weeks. The first three weeks take place at the Seminar House in Hachioji, and the following three weeks take place at the main waseda campus in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The Summer Japanese Program has four (4) levels of Comprehensive Japanese and Japanese Language Skills Course offered including workshops. The Comprehensive Japanese level that a student is placed into determines which workshops he/she can take. Waseda gives an online placement test to all participants, no matter what their language background.
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JapaneseAsia and Oceania Summer

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