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AHA International in Vienna, Austria

The AHA Vienna program offers you the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines at the crossroads of Europe. The program makes use of Vienna's history as a focal point for European culture, art, music, literature, philosophy, and science. Classes take place at the AHA Vienna Centre, close to the city center with easy access by bus, streetcar, and subway. Walk from the center to many of the city's main governmental buildings, the University of Vienna, and Vienna's most beautiful city parks.
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Art History, European Studies, German, HistoryEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter, Summer

Arcadia Summer in Bonn, Germany: Renewable Energy, Policy and Development

Study Renewable Energy, Policy and Technology, along with German Language and Culture. It's a five-week experience offering a unique interdisciplinary curriculum which offers an introduction to the field of renewable energies as a response to today’s climate and energy problems. Based at the University of Bonn, and taught in cooperation with the Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University (ISEN).
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Environmental and Technology Studies, GermanEurope/UK & the Middle East Summer

Carleton German Language and Literature Seminar in Berlin - Fall 2011

The city of Berlin is one of the most fascinating places in Europe, both for its history and for its status as a cultural metropolis. With its important role in the Weimar Republic, its sites of political decisions and destruction during the last World War, and the fact that for over forty years it served as the symbol for Germany’s division, it is an excellent place for anyone who wants to become familiar with German and European history. Students will be asked to meet the requirements for the following courses, which meet on a MWTh schedule to accommodate occasional travel on the weekends. Successful completion of the German language course will satisfy the College language requirement. All courses, including the history course, count towards the German major and the Certificate of Advanced Study in German.
European Studies, GermanEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall

Freie Universität Berlin

Direct Enrollment
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Cinema and Media Studies, German, History, International Relations, Literary and Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Theater ArtsEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall/Winter

IES Germany: Berlin

The IES Abroad Berlin Language & Area Studies Program draws upon Berlin's rich culture and tradition to connect coursework subjects with the living history of the city. The program offers IES Abroad courses taught in German by German faculty, as well as access to classes at a number of Berlin universities, including the renowned Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
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European Studies, German, History, Political ScienceEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer

IES Germany: Freiburg

Founded in 1963, the IES Abroad Freiburg program offers you the opportunity to fully integrate into university student life and improve your language skills while living in a small yet cosmopolitan German city. Organized in cooperation with the distinguised Albert-Ludwigs-Univeristat, the program offers rigorous undergraduate study in a selection of disciplines, including German Language and Literature, Business, Economics, History, Humanities, International Relations, and Social Sciences. Previous German language experience is required to participate. Study abroad in Freiburg and immerse yourself in German culture. Located in the heart of Freiburg and within easy walking distance of Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, the IES Abroad Freiburg Center offers students a full range of facilities including a computer lab, small library, and classrooms.
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Cinema and Media Studies, Economics, Environmental and Technology Studies, European Studies, German, History, International Relations, Literary and Cultural Studies, Political ScienceEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Winter/Spring

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