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ACM Chicago: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies

The ACM Chicago Program engages students academically, professionally, and personally with this dynamic city. The primary areas of emphasis in the program are Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Studies – students have the opportunity to explore one of these topics in depth, or participate in classwork and projects across these disciplines. The program offers an innovative mix of academic work, including an internship, independent study project, common core course about the city of Chicago, and a variety of seminars focused on the arts and creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and urban studies and social justice. Students are able to explore the vital issues facing cities and the people who live and work in them, while digging deeper to relate these issues to their personal lives, education, and career aspirations.
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American Studies, Art History, Cinema and Media Studies, Economics, Educational Studies, Music, Sociology and Anthropology, Studio Art, Theater Arts, Urban Studies, Women's and Gender StudiesUnited States and Canada Fall, Winter/Spring, Spring

ACM Jordan : Middle East and Arabic Language Studies

The fall ACM Jordan program, operated in partnership with AMIDEAST, is designed to provide students with the distinctive opportunity to study the complex issues which dominate the region, such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, contemporary Islamic thought, ethnic and minority relations, Jordan’s experience during the Arab Spring, and much more. The program begins in late August, with a week-long orientation once the students arrive in the capital city of Amman. All students will take Arabic language coursework, where they are placed in classes appropriate to their level of proficiency (prior study of Arabic is not required). ACM students will also engage in an independent study project of their choosing, under the supervision of the visiting ACM faculty member.
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Arabic, Political Science, Religion, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall


Students enrolled in AMIDEAST’s Education Abroad Program in Amman will have opportunities to study all Arabic and North African/Middle Eastern cultural and contemporary issues in a program based at AMIDEAST’s facilities in Amman’s Sweifieh district. AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program courses in Amman are taught by a select group of Jordanian professors from a variety of institutions in and around Amman. These lecturers possess a strong instructional experience in English-speaking environments.
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Arabic, Cross-Cultural Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Religion, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Winter/Spring

Antioch University: Comparative Women's and Gender Studies in Europe

WGSE program participants engage in rigorous methodological and theoretical inquiry as they travel to Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Krakow, Poland; Prague, the Czech Republic; Berlin, Germany; and Istanbul, Turkey. Each student also conducts a self-designed, independent research project. Each research topic is unique -- past themes include: reproductive rights, LGBTQI issues, trafficking, queer youth support organizations, immigration issues, sex-work, feminist art, and many others.
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European Studies, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall

Augsburg CGE Central America

Life-changing cultural and educational experiences await students in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala; San Salvador, El Salvador; and Managua, Nicaragua. The region is home to more than 30 indigenous and ethnic communities with a cultural heritage rich in creativity and political resistance. These countries have different histories but common struggles shared by the diverse populations. Students meet and talk with people working for social change and alternative development in these countries.
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Economics, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Religion, Sociology and Anthropology, Spanish, Women's and Gender StudiesLatin America Fall, Winter/Spring

Augsburg CGE Mexico

Mexico is more than a spring break destination—it takes center stage in debates about globalization, U.S. immigration policy, and economic development. The program is based in Cuernavaca, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in central Mexico known for its innovative grassroots organizations, education, alternative health practices, and history of social struggle, as well as its appeal as a manufacturing base for numerous multi-national businesses. Customized internships are available.
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Economics, Political Science, Religion, Sociology and Anthropology, Spanish, Women's and Gender StudiesLatin America Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer

Augsburg CGE Namibia: Nation Building, Globalization, and Decolonizing the Mind

Learn about Namibia and South Africa as they struggle to build nationhood, deal with the legacies of apartheid and colonialism, and the challenges posed by the rapid process of globalization in today's world; the challenges posted by under- and unequal development; and the long-term project of decolonizing the mind. Gain hands-on work experience in a development agency. Earn credit in Political Science, Religion, Interdisciplinary Studies, or History.
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African/African-American Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's and Gender StudiesAfrica Fall, Winter/Spring

Central European University - Study in Budapest through Bard College

Located in one of Europe's most elegant capital cities, Budapest, accredited in both the USA and Europe, CEU offers a uniquely international atmosphere of academic excellence, critical reflection, and social engagement. CEU students come from over 100 countries of five continents, our faculty - from 30 countries. There is no predominant national majority. This uniquely international atmosphere is one of the most appealing aspects of our student life. Any CEU graduate has an international network of personal and professional contacts enhancing their lives and careers. CEU stresses both academic excellence and public policy relevance of its teaching and research. We focus on key issues of the 21st century ranging from climate change to democratic governance and from international security to deeper understanding of history and philosophy. CEU and all its degree programs are registered and accredited in the US. The University and an increasing number of its programs are also accredited in Hungary. In addition, several CEU degrees are awarded jointly with other leading European universities. Thus, CEU education is globally recognized and highly valued opening unique career prospects for its graduates all over the world. At CEU every student is important. We have an exceptional student:faculty ratio of 7:1. CEU is committed to a student-centered, in-depth learning experience emphasizing personal growth and intellectual development. Students are encouraged to be creative and independent thinkers, lifetime learners, and active citizens.
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Cross-Cultural Studies, Economics, History, International Relations, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring

CUPA - Paris

The Center for University Programs Abroad specializes in study abroad exclusively in Paris. CUPA’s offices and classrooms are located in the heart of Montparnasse, on the Left Bank, close to the Luxembourg Gardens. The program is conducted entirely in French, and there is no instruction in English. All students follow the advanced immersion program. While providing a home base and a comforting structure, CUPA sets itself apart from a certain type of American student community in Paris in that students are directly matriculated, do the same type of work as their French counterparts, and are strongly encouraged to participate in numerous activities in the Parisian context.
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Biology, Cinema and Media Studies, Dance, Economics, French and Francophone Studies, History, Literary and Cultural Studies, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Winter/Spring

HECUA Twin Cities: Writing for Social Change: The Personal, the Political, and the Power of the Written Word

Writing for Social Change is based on the longstanding tradition in Western culture of using literature as a tool for social critique, as a means of calling for social change and justice, and as a tool for social transformation. The program combines traditional methods of literary and cultural analysis with creative writing workshops in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, and makes use of HECUA’s approach to interdisciplinary, reflective critique. The program explores the ways creative writers and literature impact communities, and examines the role creative writers and literature play in addressing pressing social issues. Writing for Social Change combines critical, analytical seminars, creative writing workshops, field study, and a professional internship with a Twin Cities nonprofit, literary arts organization, or K-12 school in need of reading/writing tutors, to give students an integrated, experiential learning opportunity.
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Educational Studies, English, Sociology and Anthropology, Urban Studies, Women's and Gender StudiesUnited States and Canada Fall

IES The Netherlands: Amsterdam

Known for its liberal views and open-minded attitude, the residents of Amsterdam welcome you to this cozy city. You’ll adore the lovely canals and old European charm that make up the enchanting city of Amsterdam. Because the city planning hasn’t changed much since the 19th century, you’ll appreciate the architecture and historic homes that color the city, IES programs in Amsterdam include: Pre-Law Certificate/Law & Criminology, Psychology & Sciences, Study Amsterdam, Conservatorium van Amsterdam,Direct Enrollment at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and Society, Culture & Gender in Amsterdam.
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Cross-Cultural Studies, Music, Pre - Law, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East

International Human Rights Exchange

The International Human Rights Exchange (IHRE) is the world’s only full-semester, multidisciplinary program in human rights. Each semester, undergraduate students and faculty from Southern Africa, North America, and other regions of the world come together to participate in a deep and multi-faceted intellectual engagement with human rights. The IHRE program is housed at the University of the Witwatersrand (also known as Wits) in Johannesburg, South Africa and is a joint venture with Bard College. IHRE inspires and activates students by advancing their knowledge and experience of human rights. Program activities include: Rigorous and thought-provoking classes taught in a seminar style, including a core course on the international human rights framework and a practicum on human rights advocacy; A multidisciplinary selection of elective courses, connecting human rights concerns to: development, gender, and culture; literature, media, and theatre; philosophy, politics and social work; *A hands-on, mentored internship with a leading NGO working on the frontlines of social change; Guest lectures offered by leading luminaries in the human rights field; * An exploration of human rights challenges off-campus through human rights workshops, visits to key sites such as Soweto and the Apartheid Museum, and other cultural activities; and Membership in a diverse and global community of students and scholars committed to human rights. IHRE believes that the subject of human rights provides an excellent framework for realizing the goal of liberal education. The program aims to provide a challenging and rewarding experience by: enabling critical and creative thinking about human rights: developing a democratic understanding of people’s role in society; linking academic work with activism, advocacy, and building a culture of human rights; implementing student-centered learning; and establishing relationships of equality, mutuality, and exchange among participants. We seek to promote a critical understanding of human rights as part of a broad intellectual and social movement, not simply as a code or set of laws. We believe that human rights is a discourse in transformation (and often in contest) that is best understood through a multidisciplinary approach extending to the humanities, social sciences, arts, and sciences.
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Cross-Cultural Studies, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's and Gender StudiesAfrica Fall, Winter/Spring

SIT Cameroon: Social Pluralism and Development

Examine social, economic, and political development patterns in one of West Africa's most ethnically and geographically diverse countries. Cameroon is home to more than 200 ethnic groups and even more languages and dialects, and finding common ground for its national agendas poses an ongoing challenge. Famous for its folklore, art, and diverse environments, Cameroon is striving to preserve its cultural heritage and diversity in the face of globalization and pressing socioeconomic needs. Students have access to cultural activities, academic resources, and many of the international development organizations headquartered in the city. A two-week stay in the northern town of Ngaoundéré and excursions to western and coastal Cameroon give insight into how social change is manifested in different regions.
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African/African-American Studies, Development Studies, Economics, French and Francophone Studies, History, Women's and Gender StudiesAfrica Fall, Winter/Spring

SIT Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender

Based in Amsterdam, students explore the intersections of Dutch and international perspectives. Students select one Sexuality and Gender Seminar program module from choices including Critical Theory, Tolerance and Sexual Health Education, or Filmmaking with a Sexuality and Gender Lens (offered fall semester only). Each student also chooses a Field Study practicum with a Dutch or international organization.
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Cinema and Media Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Public Health/Pre-Med Studies, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring

SIT Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans

Through thematic lectures and seminars, complemented by site visits and program excursions, students experience various aspects of the far-reaching changes, particularly peacebuilding, taking place in Balkan societies. Students gain a theoretical framework and increased knowledge to better examine post-conflict transformation in the context of this region.
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European Studies, History, Political Science, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring

Swedish Program in Stockholm

The Swedish Program is sponsored by Stockholm University and by a consortium of American colleges and universities. The campus is located just ten minutes to the heart of the city by subway. It is quite easy for students to benefit from the rich cultural life the city has to offer as well as other forms of entertainment. Stockholm University is a major teaching/research university and home to 34,000 undergraduate and graduate students. However, the campus has a much smaller “feel” to it. The university is situated in the middle of the first national, city park in the world. Pine forests and the Baltic Sea surround the campus. The buildings are both modern and historic with distinctive contemporary art and sculpture scattered around campus.
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European Studies, History, Political Science, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall, Winter/Spring

UK Universities

Direct Enrollment in United Kingdom universities. A variety of courses are available; for further information refer to Arcadia's, IFSA Butler's, or the universities' own websites directly. You can also consult the Off-Campus Studies staff. Some UK universities that Carleton students have attended in the past are King's College-University of London, Oxford University, Queen Mary-University of London, University of Aberdeen, University of Cambridge, University College London, University of Cardiff, University of Edinburgh, University of Lancaster, University of St. Andrews as well as others.England:, Wales:, Northern Ireland:, Scotland:
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Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Cinema and Media Studies, Direct Enrollment: Many Courses Offered, Economics, Educational Studies, English, Environmental and Technology Studies, European Studies, History, Judaic Studies, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Public Health/Pre-Med Studies, Religion, Sociology and Anthropology, Urban Studies, Women's and Gender StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Winter/Spring

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