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ACM Oak Ridge Science Semester

The Oak Ridge Science Semester (ORSS) enables students to join ongoing investigations at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in research areas as diverse as astrophysics, cell biology, DNA sequencing, genetic mutagenesis, parallel computing, robotics, toxicology, and much more. In their research, ORSS student participants use the sophisticated resources available at the Laboratory, including supercomputers, state-of-the-art electron microscopes, lasers, and analytical instruments such as a fourier transform mass spectrometer and a scanning tunneling microscope.
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Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental and Technology Studies, PhysicsUnited States and Canada Fall

DIS Denmark: Biomedicine

The core course and study tours offer you: insight into biotechnology-based methods for diagnosis and treatment of disease; an understanding of the dynamics of drug discovery and development; and an interdisciplinary perspective on how biotech research and biotech business work together.
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Biochemistry, Biology, ChemistryEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Winter/Spring

IES Australia: La Trobe University

As an IES Abroad student, you can directly enroll in courses at La Trobe University, giving you access to hundreds of courses and the opportunity to study alongside your Australian peers. The La Trobe Bundoora campus, where you will be enrolled, is a community in itself, complete with markets, a theater, a cinema, shops, restaurants, and even a Wildlife Sanctuary located right next to campus that offers volunteer opportunities. La Trobe is recognized for its academic strengths in: biochemistry, ecology, engineering, environmental studies, media and journalism and social sciences.
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Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Cinema and Media Studies, EnglishAsia and Oceania Fall, Winter/Spring

University of St. Andrews Pre-Med Program

IFSA-Butler and St. Andrews are proud to offer a terrific pre-med opportunity for fall semester students. This option is geared toward participants who plan to attend medical school after graduation. The fall pre-med option includes an Organic Chemistry course that is designed exclusively for IFSA-Butler pre-med students and taught by St. Andrews faculty. Students can round out their fall semester with other related courses from St. Andrews’ science schools, which offer study in areas such as biology, biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, etc. or they can choose courses from non-science schools at St. Andrews.
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Biochemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Public Health/Pre-Med StudiesEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Winter/Spring

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