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ACM/GLCA Japan: Japan Study

Japan Study enables students to become international citizens as they explore Japan in depth, build language skills, and experience Japanese culture. Living with a Japanese family, taking courses at Waseda University, and participating in a cultural practicum/internship offer different windows for experiencing and understanding the complex society of contemporary Japan.
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Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, JapaneseAsia and Oceania Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

Antioch Univeristy: Arts and Culture in West Africa

This is a Fall Semester program (early Sept. – early Dec.) in the Republic of Guinea – in the heart of the Mande cultural region that includes upper Guinea and lower Mali and is renowned for its exceptional arts, music and performance traditions. Students on the program study and practice (through workshops, site visits and lectures) a range of artistic disciplines in the Aesthetic Traditions course, as well as take Anthropology and French or Malinke language courses. For additional cultural and artistic immersion, students spend a nine-week apprenticeship period living in a homestay and practicing a primary arts discipline with a local mentor. They also take a 1-2 week travel/study trip to explore sites within the Mande cultural region.
French and Francophone Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, Studio ArtAfrica Fall/Winter

API Madrid

Open to quarter/trimester students. The program provides advanced language instruction while allowing students to choose from Spanish cultural electives. The Complutense University of Madrid operates on a quarter system and offers 120 contact hours per term. Each quarter, students complete a Spanish language course and three cultural electives. Students who successfully complete the Academic Year Hispanic Studies program receive the Diploma de Estudios Hispánicos.
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European Studies, SpanishEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Fall/Winter, Winter, Winter/Spring, Spring, Summer

Augsburg CGE: History, Culture, and Politics of Cuba

Building on CGE’s experience with 14 short-term travel programs to Cuba between June 2011 and July 2012, this semester program will introduce students to a unique island nation few others get to experience.Topics explored on this program include: the decision-making processes and citizenship rights in Cuba, social justice as it relates to wealth production, race, class, gender, and sexual orientation in the Cuban context,issues of equity, and the historical context of Cuba's social relations today.
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History, Latin American Studies, Political Science, SpanishLatin America Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

CET China: Hangzhou

CET and Middlebury College join forces to operate the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in China. These programs in Beijing, Hangzhou and Kunming are for seasoned Chinese language learners who are striving for communicative competence. Coursework is entirely in Chinese. Students live with Chinese roommates. They adhere to the legendary Middlebury Language Pledge. Some extend their time in China by adding January Term to their study abroad plans
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ChineseAsia and Oceania Fall, Fall/Winter, Winter Break, Winter/Spring

DIS Denmark

For students who are studying music and want to continue while studying abroad, DIS offers four electives for credit at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the most prestigious conservatory in Denmark.
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MusicEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

Freie Universität Berlin

Direct Enrollment
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Cinema and Media Studies, German, History, International Relations, Literary and Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Theater ArtsEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall/Winter

GlobalLinks - Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

APU offers a dual language education in Japanese and English, with most academic subjects given in both languages. This bilingual education system means no prior Japanese language experience is required for admission. APU’s international student body and teaching faculty are dedicated to fostering greater understanding of the Asia Pacific region among the peoples of the world, continuing to attract attention as the standard bearer of international education in Japan. APU’s campus is located on a hill with stunning views over the township of Beppu and its picturesque bay. Beppu, famous as Japan’s leading hot spring resort, is proud of its small-town atmosphere and tradition of hospitality to visitors and new residents from around the world.
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Asian Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Development Studies, East Asian Studies, European Studies, International Relations, Japanese, Political Economy, Political ScienceAsia and Oceania Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Spring

IES Chile: Santiago

IES offers 3 programs in Santiago, Chile. The Santiago Program: The IES Abroad Santiago Program allows you to fully immerse yourself in the daily life and culture of Chile while studying the Spanish language and Latin America. Courses are taught in Spanish by distinguished professors from IES Abroad partner universities. Santiago Summer - Health Studies Designed for advanced Spanish students in health-related majors, this program offers you valuable insight into Santiago’s health care system. Develop experience through clinical observation and participation in public health care projects, while improving your communication skills through a Spanish course for health practitioners. All courses are conducted in Spanish. Santiago January Term - Health Studies The program consists of one course, Health Studies: Clinical Observation and the Cultural Aspects of Health Care in Chile, divided into two components: Clinical Observation and Intensive Spanish for Beginners. The primary component, Clinical Observation, allows you to observe patient care in public and private clinics. A classroom seminar provides a framework for clinical observations and analyzes themes such as efficiency, equity, and the quality of service delivery to patients. Intensive Spanish for Beginners is designed to help you develop Spanish language skills focusing on medical terminology.
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Public Health/Pre-Med Studies, SpanishLatin America Fall/Winter, Winter, Summer

IES Spain: Granada

The IES Granada, Spain program allows students to take full advantage of Andalusia and all southern Spain has to offer. The program offers two unique program options that are designed to improve your Spanish proficiency: the Intermediate Spanish Program and Advanced Spanish Program. Students placed in the Intermediate Program take IES Abroad courses in both English and Spanish. The Advanced Program courses are conducted entirely in Spanish, including study at the Universidad de Granada. Both options introduce you to Spain’s Moorish heritage and Jewish past, and its continuing links to North Africa through Islamic and Contemporary North African Studies. Advanced students can also experience Arabic language courses of all levels, at the Universidad de Granada.
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SpanishEurope/UK & the Middle East Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

Middlebury in Moscow

During their first semester at the School in Russia, participants take five courses. For most students, this consists of: advanced Russian grammar, speech practice, phonetics, choice of one спецкурс in literature, history or politics and Russian culture & civilization. All courses are taught in Russian and are exclusive to School in Russia participants. Full-year students are required to take at least one regular university course during the spring semester and are strongly encouraged to substitute more than one regular university course for language classes, as full-time Middlebury students will do. Following successful completion of these courses in the first semester, full-year participants are given the option of taking more specialized language courses in the spring. For language courses, students are divided into language-level groups based on the results of a language placement test given prior to arrival in Russia, and on the results of interviews and testing which takes place on site, in Russia.
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RussianEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

Spanish Studies Abroad: Alicante, Spain

If you are looking to study abroad in Spain, you will find that the city Alicante provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with many opportunities to meet Spanish students and enjoy the local culture. Spanish Studies Abroad students study onsite at Universidad de Alicante, which allows students at any Spanish language level the opportunity to become integrated into Spanish student life.
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SpanishEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Fall/Winter, Winter, Winter/Spring, Summer

Spanish Studies Abroad: Argentina

Spanish Studies program in Córdoba, Argentina is a great way to experience life at an Argentine university while immersing yourself in the local culture. This program is designed for the student that has completed one semester of intermediate college Spanish. Students will attend classes with other international students at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) through their international department, thePrograma de Español y Cultural Latinoamericana (PECLA). In addition to living with a host family, Spanish Studies students will participate in a variety of cultural activities and excursions around Córdoba and beyond.
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SpanishLatin America Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring

Spanish Studies Abroad: Cordoba, Argentina

For a true cultural immersion experience with ample opportunity to improve your Spanish, Córdoba is an ideal destination. While studying abroad in Córdoba, you will not only learn a new language, but also learn more about yourself and others through your interactions with Argentine culture. The sights, sounds, and tastes that you experience during your daily life in Argentina will help you to define your experience and teach you about the Argentine way of life.
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Latin American Studies, SpanishLatin America Full Academic Year, Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, Summer

Spanish Studies Abroad: Cuba

Spanish Studies Abroad offers you a unique opportunity to study on-site in Cuba, one of America's nearest and most significant neighbors. You will take classes at the Universidad de la Habana, Cuba's principal and earliest institution of higher education. Our programs also include participation in an array of cultural activities and study trips designed to encourage direct interaction with the Cuban people.
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SpanishLatin America Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, Summer

Spanish Studies Abroad: Seville

Seville, a beautiful and ancient city on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, is the centerpiece of your study abroad experience. Seville has a temperate climate and rich cultural life. As the land of Carmen and Don Juan, Seville embodies the culture of Southern Spain.
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SpanishEurope/UK & the Middle East Full Academic Year, Fall, Fall/Winter, Winter Break, Winter, Winter/Spring, Summer

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