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The Question

A Carleton Community Conversation

We might not always realize it but we engage in ethical reflection on a daily basis: our decisions, small and large, express what we value most. Questions about what ultimately matters often come to the surface in our dealings with others, both those who are like-minded and as often as not those who are not. Rarely, however, do we have the chance to come together as a community to explicitly reflect on questions of fundamental ethical importance.

The Question aims to provide such an opportunity by posing questions of fundamental importance to living well to the Carleton community and then giving them a chance to discuss it. In the process of engaging with the questions, one learns that easy answers are not forthcoming; that conclusions one thought were obvious, are anything but; and that reasonable people might disagree when it comes to fundamental commitments.

Every term, we'll pose one (maybe two) questions to the Carleton community. We invite all members of the community to weigh in the comments section below each post.* And stay tuned for EthIC events related to The Question.

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The Question is sponsored by EthIC and the Philosophy Department & coordinated by Laurence Cooper (Economics) and Daniel Groll (Philosophy).  Please contact Daniel if you have any questions.