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Volume 21, Issue 7 (October 27, 2014)

    • This week's chemistry visitor is Cari Dutcher from the U of MN Mechanical Engineering Department.  She is really a Chemical Engineer by training, but works in the world of aerosols, which is itinerant and moves to different departments at different institutions.  Of mention, 2 things:

      1) Seminar info is here: http://apps.carleton.edu/curricular/chem/events/?event_id=1179442&date=2014-10-31

      2) It's possible to have a 30-minute session for her to talk with engineering-interested students--if interested, email mbaylor@carleton.edu.

    • Join us for a fun Physics Table lunch! 

      Tuesday, October 28th (week 7), we will hold our weekly Physics Table in the LDC's Shearer Dining Room.  Meet in the lounge area outside Olin 331 at about 11:55 am to walk over as a group, or just meet us inside the front door at the LDC. 

      ALL students, faculty, and staff interested in Physics are invited to join in.  You don't have to have any particular level of knowledge to come; we welcome everyone!  If you are off board, or if it's your first ever PT, we'll treat you to lunch.  

    • This week, we finish the series of presentations by students who did campus research, an off-campus REU, or another project over the summer of 2014.  They will be held in Olin 04 during 6a on Wednesday (3:10-4:20) and during common time on Thursday (Noon-1pm). 

      Wednesday speakers:  Shail Mehta  "A Metallicity Analysis of Spiral Galaxies in the Local Group", Carolyn Raithel "Characterization of the Unusual Emission of Pulsar J0901-4624 using data from the Parkes, Australia 64 meter Radio Telescope" and Brian Charous "Searching for Higher Order Cladding Modes in Fiber Optic Based Optical Levers"

      Thursday speakers:  Ben Levy  "TBD" and Bibek Pokharel  "Progress Towards Controlling Quantum Chaos"

      Come support your fellow students, learn about cool stuff they did, and find out how YOU can do the same!  We'll have a light lunch for the Thursday presentations. 



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    • Research Experience for Undergraduates Opportunity

      University of Utah MRSEC Next-Generation Materials for Plasmonics & Organic Spintronics - Salt Lake City, UtahJune 1 – July 31, 2015

      $4500 stipend, travel allowance, housing & meal plan.
      Apply online by January 19, 2015 at:
      Open to U.S. citizens & permanent residents obtaining an undergraduate degree after December 2015.
      Women & minority students are especially encouraged to apply.
      Students from non-research institutions may be given priority.
      Supported by the National Science Foundation under grant no. DMR-1121252 CFDA NO. 47.049
      See attached flier. Would you like a poster to hang about this opportunity? Request one today!


      Materials Research Science & Engineering Center
      University of Utah
      72 Central Campus Drive, Rm 1650
      SLC, UT 84112
      Phone: 801-585-9173
      Fax: 801-581-8692
    • Winter elective for students with interests in physics, chemistry, or ENTS

      Consider taking ENTS 262: Materials Science, Energy, and the Environment during winter term. Drawing on chemistry and physics principles, this course will focus on the relationship between the structure and physical properties of materials, how materials science can address environmental and energy challenges, and the technological and societal impacts of materials development. Topics to be covered will vary from year to year. This year we will focus on materials for energy efficient buildings, materials life cycle assessment, and, if time allows, materials for renewable energy technologies.

      This course meets during 3A, and satisfies the applied physics requirement for the physics major. Contact Melissa Eblen-Zayas if you have any questions.

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