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Volume 21, Issue 28 (May 18, 2015)

    • There are only 3 chances left to join us for Physics Table!  We'll eat Tuesday, May 19th (week 8) in the LDC Class of '51 Dining Room. 

    • RSVP for the spring picnic!  It will be Friday, May 22nd from 5ish to 8ish pm on the Hill of Oaks.

      Please send Trenne an email by 4 pm TODAY (tfields@carleton.edu) and tell her the following:  1) your Carleton ID no. and 2) your dietary preferences, i.e. vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore.  Also, please indicate if you're willing to help schlep food and stuff over to the hill.  Does one of you have a vehicle and can help pick up food from Burton?  Thanks!

    • We tried to do this last year, but never got it to work. But we want to do it for real this time! We were thinking Tuesday night, May 26 might work for people, but please let us know. We are thinking of avoiding Wed-Fri because people often make other plans for those nights and Monday's are heavy problem set night but we are open to options! In addition, we would probably need some transportation, so if you are willing to drive your car, let me know!

      Thanks PIPs!


      P.S. For those of you who are confused why you are a part of PIPs, you are a Person In Physics and thus we want to hang out with you as a PIP.

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    • Topic:  Joel is looking for an artist to convert his bikes into astro-bikes.

      Once, on a planet far away and long ago, some Carls stole Joel’s bike and turned it into an astro bike.  It finally went the way of all flesh, and he has missed it ever since.  He has a blue bike with black fenders, and a white bike.  Both are crying, “paint me as an astro bike, paint me as an astro bike!”  Joel went to MIT so he is not artistic.  If you are and would like to take on this project, (say one or the other bike), please let him know.  There will be a reward!

      Joel Weisberg
      Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences
      Carleton College
    • We’re looking for smart, hard-working students and recent graduates who are eager to make a difference. You can apply online at www.jobsthatmatter.org or call 612-331-8401.

      The Fund for the Public Interest (aka “the Fund”) works with some of the top progressive organizations in the country like Environment America and US PIRG.  And we're hiring!   Specifically, we're hiring full time Minneapolis campaign staff to work on a campaign with Environment Minnesota to protect Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes. Average pay is $4,000-$6,000 for the summer.

      If you are interested in applying, visit our website at www.jobsthatmatter.org.
      Marilea Griggs
      Citizen Outreach Director
      Fund for the Public Interest

      615 First Avenue NE, Ste. 335
      Minneapolis, MN 55413

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