Reference Letters

Many of you will soon be asking members of the department to write letters of reference in support of various types of applications that you may be filling out. Before we write letters of reference for you, we would like you to fill out an informational questionnaire and give it to each faculty member who is going to write references for you. You should also include a stamped, addressed envelope for every position for which you are applying and also a separate, single list of all places and deadlines. Please fill in all blanks that you can on each form that you leave for us--e.g., your name, our name and position, etc. Please give us at least two weeks to write the letters, as the quality of the letter may suffer if we have less time. (Joel Weisberg will not accept letters with less than two weeks' notice.) Also, please note that before you supply any one of us with the forms, resume, etc., you should first check with us to ensure that your designee will be on campus to receive your forms before the deadlines. (We have had several painful cases of recommendation forms languishing well past their deadline dates under a pile of mail of faculty members on leave.)