Jan 28

Palestinian Politics: Hamas, Fatah & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A conversation on Palestinian politics can provide a new and interesting angle from which to understand the wider conflict with Israel.

Monday, January 28th, 2013
4:30 – 6:00 pm / Leighton 304
Nathan Stock talk

Nathan Stock, Asst. Director for Conflict Resolution at The Carter Center, will discuss internal political dynamics within the two dominant Palestinian parties.  He will focus on the evolution of Fatah and Hamas, how the parties relate to one another, and how they view the conflict with Israel.  Historically, while U.S. policy makers have been sensitive to domestic Israeli politics, they often have failed to account for similar forces on the Palestinian side. 

Nathan Stock joined The Carter Center in 2008 as an assistant director for conflict resolution.  He designs and manages programming targeting the Fatah-Hamas conflict, while monitoring other conflicts in the Middle East, including the Syrian uprising.  He is also involved in dialogue with the PLO leadership on their strategy at the UN.  He travels regularly to the Middle East, including Israel and Palestine.

Before coming to the Center, Mr. Stock spent two years implementing a civil society strengthening program in Afghanistan, where he led the effort to establish a network of local NGOs capable of providing services to their communities.  He spent two years in the Gaza Strip, working with a Palestinian NGO to fundraise and design conflict resolution programs targeting the Palestinian community, during the Al-Aqsa Intifada.  He has also taught English in Palestine and China. He holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from Colgate University and a master's degree in international peace and conflict resolution from American University's School of International Service.


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