Application Timeline

This timeline is written as if you are applying at the end of your junior year with the intention of matriculating to medical school immediately following graduation from Carleton.  The same general timeline applies if you apply at the end of your senior year or as an alumnus/a, meaning the entire process takes more than a year from preparing your application until matriculation.


·       Attend Information Session in early January

·       Submit biographical information, waiver form, and Request for Practice Interview to Pre-health advisor, Pam Middleton

·       Request Letters of Recommendation from supporting letter writers (See section on Letters of Recommendation for further instruction)

·       Study for MCAT

·       Check online for MCAT test dates at and register for the MCAT (Fee is $240)

·       Meet individually with Pre-health advisor, Pam Middleton


·       Study for MCAT

·       Take MCAT

·       Have interview with Practice Interview with the Committee (Late April, early May, in the evening)

·       Begin to fill out the AMCAS application- early May


·       Submit AMCAS application – June or July, it is rolling admission and it is best to apply early.

·       The application is found at

·       $160 for first school; $33 for subsequent schools

·       Early Decision deadline - August 1

·       MCAT – you may retake the MCAT or take it for the first time during the summer; please discuss these options with Pam Middleton

·       Work with Pam Middleton and others on the Committee


·       Work with the Pre-Health Advisor, Pam Middleton and others on the Committee

·       Medical School interviews (possibly)

·       Wait


·       Medical School interviews

·       Wait

·       Wait

Points to Remember:

·       As you prepare your list of schools to apply to, check what the exact course requirements are for that school; ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you have fulfilled those requirements before matriculation.

·       Keep all application materials together; devise a useful filing system

·       Keep records of all that you do;

·       Keep photocopies of all that you send;

·       Acquire as much information as possible;

·       Keep up on the news;

·       Check completeness of your application file, especially if you have not heard from a school;

·       Recognize that you may be on a wait-list up to the very time a medical school starts;

·       Don’t make assumptions about what is happening - ask;

·       Be very clear in your requests of the Committee and its Chair when the time comes;

·       Consider osteopathic medical schools if the underlying philosophy is acceptable to you;

·       Be aware that almost all schools accept a six-credit Carleton science course with lab as the equivalent of a five credit semester course for purposes of meeting admission requirements;

·       Don’t make assumptions about what is happening. Find out.