Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

            There are many opportunities for 10-12 week summer research programs for undergraduates throughout the country.  The AAMC keeps a list that can be found here:

Note that this list may not be comprehensive- there are some schools that have programs not listed here.  This will take some research to do on your own.  If you know of a place that you would like to work in the summer, and it is not listed here, then go to the school's website and search for summer undergraduate research opportunities.  It may take some “digging” but if they have a program then you should be able to find it!

Listed below are programs that have directly sent us links to their programs and advertised them.  Not all schools do this. The list from the AAMC shown above is a great place to start!

Journal of Global Health

November 4, 2011

The Journal of Global Health invites interested students and young professionals to write on a regular basis about an issue or a
subfield within the larger community of global health. Through the writing of our Columnists, JGH hopes to bring an interdisciplinary
approach and a fresh approach to long-standing topics in the field. For those who prefer a more informal format for reaching out,
JGH Columns allow students to respond quickly to time-sensitive issues, as well as the freedom to express their ideas in non-
traditional ways.

The deadline for applications to join The Journal of Global Health as a Columnist is Sunday, October 16, 2011, at 11:59pm EST.
Further information on the Columnist position can be found at For all inquiries, please email
Please submit all applications via our online form at