Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

            There are many opportunities for 10-12 week summer research programs for undergraduates throughout the country.  The AAMC keeps a list that can be found here:

Note that this list may not be comprehensive- there are some schools that have programs not listed here.  This will take some research to do on your own.  If you know of a place that you would like to work in the summer, and it is not listed here, then go to the school's website and search for summer undergraduate research opportunities.  It may take some “digging” but if they have a program then you should be able to find it!

Listed below are programs that have directly sent us links to their programs and advertised them.  Not all schools do this. The list from the AAMC shown above is a great place to start!

Summer Medical & Dental Education Program

February 13, 2012
By Lorie Tuma

The program is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by the Association of American Medical
Colleges and the American Dental Education Association. 

Who Is Eligible for SMDEP?

To be eligible for SMDEP, an applicant must:

  • be currently enrolled as a freshman or sophomore in college;
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5;
  • be a U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa; and
  • not have previously participated in SMDEP.

Other factors considered in the admissions process include whether an applicant:

  • identifies with a group that is racially/ethnically underrepresented in medicine and/or dentistry (as defined independently by each program site);
  • comes from an economically or educationally disadvantaged background;
  • has demonstrated interest in issues affecting underserved populations; and
  • submits a compelling personal statement and strong letters of recommendation.

Each SMDEP site makes its admissions decisions on a "first come, first served" basis, therefore applying as early as possible increases your chance of being selected at your designated program site(s).

To learn more about the program visit


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