Carleton Summer Internship

February 23, 2012
By Lorie Tuma

Experience how the skills of method acting can turn on the physiology of a happy, fun and healthy
performance -- every day -- in/on/at every stage of life. Discover how to master techniques for directing,
staging, scripting, costuming and acting on the "chemistry" of the person you want to be. The benefits are
dramatic. Now science agrees, grandma was right. When you put on a happy face and ACT HAPPY, you
perform well, you're less stressed, more energetic. You feel UP-BEAT! More alive! You feel better. And,
yes, you're healthier, more creative, more productive and more successful!

Most interviews would be in the Twin Cities. This would be both a Carletotn and project.
Travel back and forth between Carleton and the Twin Cities. Would be a great project to use and promote
Carleton and the Weitz Center.

Preferred Major: Pre-Health Science, with Drama interests.

Preferred Class Year: Sophomores and Juniors.

Submit resume and cover letter to the tunnel by March 1. Contact the Career Center with any questions.