2013 Senior Integrative Essay (“Comps”) Titles

  • Take Another Little Piece of My Heart:  Leo Tolstoy and Christian Anarchism
  • A Radically Traditional Approach:  Using Dorothy Day and the Mystical Body of Christ to Redefine Tradition
  • The Postmodern Re-formation:  Mark C. Taylor and the Poetics of A/theology
  • A Kaleidoscope of Liliths:  The World's First Woman and Her Dance with Tradition
  • Talk of Rites and Talk of Rights:  Circumcision, Freedom and the Difficulty of Human Rights Discourse
  • "Patrilineal Descent" and the Sea Change that Wasn't:  An Exploration of its Intricacies, Implications, and Legacy
  • The Space Between:  Bridging Difference and Oneness in Jewish Theology
  • Wholly Other, Other Hol;ies:  Rudolf Otto's Religious Pluralism in Conversation with Contemporary Religious Studies Criticism
  • Reliving Toussaint:  Jean-Bertrand Aristide's Historical Dialectic