2015 Senior Integrative Essay (“Comps”) Titles

  • Concerning Virgins: A Critique of Idealized Asceticism
  • Should Jesus Walk with Me?:  The Role of Black Jesus in Overcoming Oppression
  • Qur'an Schools:  Agents of Qur'anic Embodiment, Rhetorical Training, and Pedagogical Preservation
  • Carrying the torch of the Columbine Martyrs:  Narrative Construction in American Evangelicalism
  • From Sugar Plantations to a Temple in the Corn Fields:  Female Leadership in a Minnesota Hindu Community
  • And God Becomes Chaos:  Incoherency in Indecent Theology
  • "Here I am:"  The Vulnerability of The Self and Language in Emmanuel Levina's Ethics and Radical Feminist Discourse
  • Eve & Pandora:  Comparing Gender Dynamics in Punished Worlds
  • Liminalizing the Erotic Encounter:  Towards a Jewish Feminist Theology of Sex