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Faculty and Staff: Creating, Supporting, and Evaluating Assignments

Whether you are exploring new scholarly interests for possible inclusion in your courses or evaluating the efficacy of existing assignments, there are a wealth resources and expertise available to you at Carleton. The following links contain resources you might consider based on where you are in the assignment creation process.

  • Exploring Topics and Developing Background Expertise

    If you are thinking about branching out in a new scholarly direction or are looking to develop background expertise in preparation for developing assignments, there is an impressive array of resources at Carleton.
  • Developing Assignments

    If you are ready to begin developing an assignment or supporting work associated with an assignment that is new to you, look here for a overview of the resources and expertise available on campus.
  • Teaching with Assignments

    Whether you are in the process of teaching with or supporting an assignment, there is an impressive array of resources at Carleton.
  • Evaluating Student Work

    Wondering about how best to evaluate student work?
  • Evaluating Assignments

    Resources or pointers relevant to evaluating the efficacy of assignments and assessment.