Digital Media

Whether you are looking for digital media to experience or you are looking to edit or create a project, there are a lot of resources on campus.  Look here for information about media collections as well as equipment and software to create your own.

Drop-In Center

Design Consultations, Multimedia Editing, Video/Audio Equipment, Presentation Technologies, and Expert Help - PEPS (Presentation, Events, and Production Support) is located in the IdeaLab where there is a photo and video studio with the latest in video, audio, and graphic design hardware and software.  This is a great place to  learn how to create or edit image, video and audio resources.

Additional Access to Image, Video and Audio Editing Equipment and Software - Computing labs on campus have audio and video software.  Look at the ITS Helpdesk web site for more information about computing labs throughout campus.


Finding Media Resources - Matt Bailey is Carleton's Media Librarian.  You can find Matt at Library 465.

Online Resources