Disability Services for Students

Welcome to Disability Services for Students

Carleton College, with its tradition of emphasis on faculty-student contact, provides a supportive environment for students with disabilities. It is the policy of the college to create and maintain an environment in which all students may learn and work to their fullest potential.


The Office of Disability Services for Students is located in the Lower Level of Davis Hall, in the same location as the Student Health and Counseling Center. For students with documented disabilities, we provide academic accommodations and other support services that include time management, assistive technology, and alternative testing rooms.


Carleton College is committed to giving reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. Typically, disability documentation must:

  • State the specific disability as diagnosed
  • Be current (typically no older than five years)
  • Describe specific recommended accommodations
  • Establish the professional credentials of the evaluator

Additional documentation requirements relate to specific disabilities, and are available from Disability Services. Students should submit documentation as early as possible once they know they will be attending Carleton College and requesting accommodations. This allows students time to obtain additional documentation if the College finds current documentation does not meet its standards. Approval for accommodations at the College does not assure the sufficiency of the documentation for transfer to another institution, or for the standards of various professional/graduate school testing agencies.

Typical accommodations include 150% time on exams, access to course texts in an audio format, being tested in a separate room without distraction, breaks in exams for medical reasons, and access to notes taken by a peer notetaker. Other accommodation requests, such as 200% time on exams, are evaluated individually.

Students receiving their books in an audio format should contact Disability Services as early as possible to have Kurzweil software installed on their personal computer. Students should fill out the request for scanning form each term when they drop off their books to be scanned. Students should indicate which books are a priority and need to be done in the first week of the term. After all priority books are scanned, the remaining books will be scanned. Students will be notified by email when their books are ready for pickup.

Students at Carleton who receive accommodations need to request, each term, that their faculty be notified of the accommodations they are eligible to receive. By signing this request form, students allow disability services to inform faculty of their eligibility for accommodations.

As a service to the College, Disability Services proctors exams during which students receive accommodations. Of course, students and faculty are free to arrange exam administration with accommodations directly with each other. Because of the large volume of exams administered by Disability Services, students must follow procedures in place to schedule exams with Disability Services.

Students may only schedule exams to take place when Disability Services is open. Typically this is from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Disability Services is open additional hours at the end of each term for final exams.

In order to schedule an exam with Disability Services, students must complete the Exam Scheduling Form online. To access this form, students must already have applied for and been granted accommodations, and requested that professor be notified of their accommodations. The request then goes to the professor for final approval. The student should file the completed paperwork a minimum of two days prior to the exam to allow for Disability Services scheduling.

Housing Accommodation and Meal Plan Exemptions

Please visit Carleton's Housing web site for information on housing accommodations and meal plan exemptions.