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On this page, professional staff from the Sexual Misconduct Support Team and the Sexual Misconduct Adjudication Team answer questions we hear often.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact any of us. We can give you information and discuss your questions and concerns. 

What are the penalties for sexual misconduct?

"As an institution of higher learning, we try to avoid punitive penalties, but instead focus on educational sanctions.  If a student is found responsible for a violation of sexual misconduct at Carleton, the consequences vary based on the details of the situation.  Carleton's sexual misconduct policy includes three unique types of misconduct: sexually inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment and sexual assault.  Therefore the final outcome will look different in most instances.  At the extreme ends, a student may be given a warning or be expelled for their behavior.  Where there is physical force, emotional trauma, or alcohol use/abuse, students will most likely be referred for the relevant counseling/support services to properly address those issues. Look here for more information about the complaint process and sanctioning."

—Julie Thornton, Chair of the CBSM and Sophomore class Dean

Julie Thornton


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