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On this page, professional staff from the Sexual Misconduct Support Team and the Sexual Misconduct Adjudication Team answer questions we hear often.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact any of us. We can give you information and discuss your questions and concerns. 

How are members of the CBSM selected?

"The Community Board on Sexual Misconduct is made of members of the Carleton community...faculty, staff and students.  Faculty who are interested in serving on the board submit their interest to the Faculty Affairs Committee, who in turn looks at all faculty committee appointments, and makes assignments appropriately.  Staff are appointed in a similar way through the President's Office.  Students however, submit an application through CSA (Carleton Student Association).  Applications are reviewed and decisions are made by the chair of the board, who gets approval from the President of CSA. See here for more information about the CBSM."

—Julie Thornton, Chair of the CBSM and Sophomore class Dean

Julie Thornton


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